Saturday, 29 October 2016

Noah Antwiler: Depression Quest

It's been more or less confirmed by April that Spoony is suffering from depression, which has led to him quitting videos and Twitter. He basically spends his days playing video games and browsing the internet. He rues the fact that he never rose to become a TV star, but he probably still thinks in the back of his mind he'll make it some day - but he'll start tomorrow. Or next week - already had most of the week off, might as well wait till Monday right? And then it happens again and again. And that is the cycle of Spoony nowadays.

Unfortunately he's collecting $1300 a month just to exist from his incredibly autistic and socially retarded Patreons, which just makes him even more pathetic. I'd pity him if he wasn't such a cunt to anyone who tried to help him in the past. Now I just think the best thing is to simply forget him. You know, just move on with our lives and focus on something else. Well, maybe.  

Though it's kinda hard to move on when you have ebin meltdowns like this on twitter, so I guess there's something to look forward to. 

Also I'm genuinely curious what sort of job Spoony could even get these days if, hypothetically, he decided to quit the whole internet reviewer thing. It's a problem that isn't entirely unique to Spoony; z-list internet celebrity 'content creators' generally have an excessively grandiose view of themselves and their work that wont really translate into a different career when the Patreon scam/ad revenue bubble bursts. For Spoony it's even worse though. His very public health issues and mental meltdown, egomania, inability to take even constructive criticism, (public!) bdsm/rape jokes about a coworker that can charitably be called ill-conceived, and generally poor work ethic all conspire to make him a very poor prospect for even minimum wage jobs. I wouldn't trust him to show up consistently for work at McDonalds. If he had a better work ethic, maybe writing rpg content could be an option perhaps.

So your probably asking yourself what does Spoony do all the time if he hasn't posted on Twitter for a month, I'll tell you: Jack shit! No honestly I think he's just sitting there on his ass taking a paycheck like a whore eats dollar bills. I wouldn't be surprised if he just didn't even announce his retirement, and just decided to slowly fall into obscurity by just not even doing anything anymore. It's probably more cut and dry. Yes he's racked with shame and it's taken away his drive to do anything. I think he should stop taking his meds. Though that might make him worse. I'm pretty sure he's taking erectile dysfunction meds,  he does look like the type that suffers from it.  

We all know it's April playing Skyrim and not Spoony. 

I mean what the fuck happened to him? Remember the good old days before he became a complete asshole? Yeah, I do. 

For all we know he's retired off screen because he can't handle it anymore. Maybe one day he'll be walking Oreo and a will bump into a fan, the fan will ask if he's doing any more videos and Spoony just comes out and tells him "Oh, I'm not doing that anymore, I got an actual job now". That job being a moocher. Heck, maybe he does feel remorse, but the shame is SO big that he can't even make himself ask for forgiveness?

Also, I do recall Spoony mentioning that he wanted to use the whole reviewer thing as a stepping stone for "bigger, better things"

But there's always a reason, he may be telling us something with the last video he put up. I think he's getting cucked and it's ruined him. How can you air that out, impossible for someone like him. So he's bottled it up and it killed off any urge to do the only thing he can do, make videos.  It's not only a means to make money, it's literally his hobby. What would drive someone to throw 1k away when all you have to do is make a video about stuff you like every so often?  Apathy from an emotionally distraught state of mind. Which might be at the root of his problem. Really makes you think.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Spoony One is alive

Looks like the faglord himself is actually alive, or maybe it's a sock puppet of his dead body being operated by April. Who knows? Anyway here's what he posted on Twitter:

So basically it's a big pile of shit, I doubt there was any real problem with him at all. I bet it's a ruse cruise so he can get more patreon money. And even though he was absent from Twitter and making anything he got right back to shitposting about Donald Trump, comic book shit and wrestling. Simply amazing.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Is Spoony dead?

I waited a while before posting this since Noah really could have taken a break off Twitter, but it's starting to seem that he may be dead or there's something wrong with him. Mental issues aside. It's been weeks since Spoony has posted on Twitter, this promoted a huge response from internet assholes who have nothing better to do than to ask "where is Spoony?" as if they really want to read him rant about Trump. Apparently he is playing some skyrim mod and he's too busy to post anything. Alos since Spoony wasn't online the next best thing was to stalk April (looking at you DHI) and pry into every little thing she posted from her creepy ass dolls, to getting a job, transportation, and heck even recently her age. That's funny considering most of those internet tough guys are probably in their 30's living in a basement, unlike me, a Greek god.  

Moving on. Though this all could mean that they are having finical problems seeing as that Patreon money isn't enough to pay for all of their bills, oh boo hoo. This is why April is looking for a job and Spoony probably is too.

But in the end of the day who gives a fuck anymore, I mean they are called internet nobodies for a reason. I don't know why people rant about them every single bloody day, the best reason I can come up with is that they have no life of their own so they'll pick apart another's to make them feel better. I mean I rant about shit too but I don't take any of it seriously, nor do I honestly hate anyone in life other than a few people that I personally know. Shits that simple, just walk away nigga.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

First new video in two months! And April rides the bull!

It seems that Spoony's Patreon's are getting bang for their buck, the first video in two months has been released! I mean is Noah on a roll or what? How does he keep up with all this hard work? And if you are wondering his Patreon has dropped to 1,500 burger dollars, which means he'll soon get desperate and selling out April to his creepy fans. Or himself if they swing that way.

Either he'll change his ways or he'll still be a money grabbing faggot, though I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Spoony actually began working a real job like a normal person. Because remember he has to pay for his mortgage, his living expenses, insurance, medical bills, taxes and all other shit like dragon dildo's. Heck we all have to pay for shit like that and Spoony "special snowflake" One isn't any different, so if any of you shitheads who are giving him money reading this then please stop indulging him. Anyway let's get to that stupid video he put out:

Fuck sake it's a stupid wrestling related video, and the worst thing is that Noah put effort into this 3 minute video when he could have easily done something else. Heck I'd rather listen to another counter monkey than this shit. It's like he's only seen Eurotrip now and thinks it's a fresh meme like the rest of those retards on 4chan. And now let's get to the Elephant in the room:

Jesus... dont even know where to start. I will point out that the word "commission" implies she paid someone to paint this. How the fuck does that conversation go... "Can you paint me having sex with this fictional character?" These two images are functionally the same thing. I kinda respect the brony more since at least his isn't sexual.... yet.

She also changed her hair color, uhm yay! Moving on:

And here's some stuff from DHI because even I'm too lazy for original content

Spoony just makes up a new disorder here and there when he needs to be the victim again, leaving a tweet saying "sry guyz. it was a bad month" before bitching about wrestling and/or trump again.

Gonna suck my own dick here for a moment and say yeeep, I was absolutely right. Although that's saying very little, I might as well have predicted the sky was blue and fire is hot.

aaaand a short while later

Here's the thing. If you have sleep apnea and you're with anyone else trust me, they're gonna fucking know. I was staying with a friend for a while and his mother had it and I am astonished nobody ever smothered her with a pillow. It's one of the most vile and disgusting sounds in the entire world and if him and April are actually sharing a bed or even on the same floor of a house she'd hear it. Oh wait, that'd assume that this disorder is read or, more amusingly, maybe they aren't even sleeping together anymore.

Speaking of bullshit

This fucking prick. Literally a few months ago he was complaining about night terrors but now it's been years since he had one? Get fucked.

Until next time.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Spoony get's triggered by Trump and the word "cuck"! April tranny?


Spoony's trying to get in front of it. April is fucking someone else and he knows its a matter of time before it gets out. I bet it's Tyrone. Better prep that bull Noah.

Someone probably said that trump isn't literally Hitler reincarnated and it triggered him. Also lol "work," when does Spoony ever work? "I need to go be productive instead of arguing with dumb people" etc, lol. Get a load of this faggot. And I love how that "I'm out" tweet is already so deeply buried beneath new bullshit that I can't even be assed to scroll down his feed far enough to find it. I wanted to know how long Spoony could actually stand being away from Twitter...

He literally does not care anymore. He's getting about $1800 a month in welfare plus what little ad revenue he pulls down plus April's job. Boss isn't lazy or apathetic, it's much deeper than that. There's no drive to give any sort of fuck about anything. Even if he lost his Patreon welfare I'm sure Boss would still rationalize it somehow and keep posting about wrestling and Trump until he's on the street or living on Doge's couch or with his brother again.

His excuses for lack of content have gotten thinner and thinner. The last bit of effort he gave for anything was his #depressed picture and even then that probably took way too much. I know it sounds horrible but I almost wanna start a deadpool for when he finally tries to end it because it's gonna come sooner than later unless he gets stuck in an actual straight jacket in a padded room

I had to check the date on the second one. He said that already and we already concluded that he basically has the code with his Patreon scamming.

Actually the most repulsive thing he's done is steal thousands of dollars from gullible fans or people who flat out don't notice a dollar or two gone from their checking amount each month.


Man talk about fitting that danger hair stereotype. "I don't have much interesting about myself so here's a new hair color".

What's wrong with your facccccce?
And gack Jesus christ, if you didn't think April was a tranny then you do now. The only thing worse than those stupid dolls she sells is her man face.

Most of this post is copied from DHI because I honestly could not be bothered writing about Spoony, I've got better things to do.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Spoony needs a lawyer! April's losing her job!

So apparently Spoony was denied coverage for his meds, or a Doctor refused to renew a prescription. Maybe this happened since there's nothing legitimately wrong with him, sucks to be him. Though that's assuming that he's even been denied coverage in the first place, as I'm sure this is all just another excuse for why he can't make anything this month.

 "Guys guys guize my bipolar/night tremors/depression/vague heart condition(remember that one?) is flaring up without my meds! No review this month or the next! Thanks for donating though, promise to have that review of Suicide Squad up in 2 months!" 

I wonder if his "girlfriend" found that blonde elf guy or whatever she was looking for. I bet he'd be the best lay she's had in months. A little birdy over on DHI had this to say

It's on a pre-certification list. Aka it's medicine insurance only covers under some cases in which you can prove you need the medication. He probably didn't bother to check if the insurance covered it, assumed it did, then when he found out something was wrong filled out the forms hastily and now they're going through it.

That's the Spoony news for today, now we're going to look at what April's been up to.

Lovely, she's losing her job and has to face trolls. Where is the patriarchy when you need it? Also a bead shop? A fucking bead shop! I mean there's working at Mc Donalds and then there's this, I wouldn't call a hobby a job unless you call dick sucking a job. Oh wait, some do. Anyway where exactly is she reading about these trolls? I guess she's googling herself or Spoony and finding posts on this blog or over on DHI. Hmm...or maybe it was 4chan all along. Anyway who gives a shit.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Spoony bakes! April cosplay as a elf and other updates

Apparently Noah cooked and made Cornbread, I've been waiting a time to reference this:
You gonna eat your cornbread?
Haha, it's been a while since I've seen LIFE and I think I'll watch it again. Great movie, give it a watch. Spoony has mainly been posting a big load of shit on Twitter from the recent shootings in the USA (boo fucking hoo) among many other liberal crap like hating on Donald Trump, his favorite pastime. In other news it seems April has been a busy bee working on her cosplay for Anime Midwest, she dressed as an Inquisitor. Pretty decent.

She's also been talking about her "family" in Skyrim because she can't have one with that real life goblin she lives with called Spoony. I mean could you even picture someone having children with a creature like him?

Weird shit.

Dear lord, she met the nasty cock slut himself. Prep the bull.
Spoony buying her a game, shame he couldn't actually do anything productive. Even through all of this where the hell has Spoony been? Certainly not earning all those patreon bucks. And why didn't Spoony attend Anime Midwest? I guess he'll burn under the sun nowadays if he leaves his house.