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Final Fantasy XIII – Part 1

First off there is a game before this which he skipped over probably so he doesn't have to do it and so he can cop put on his fans which is a betrayal. If he skipped over it because it's bad then he should have done a short video telling us why but then he would have to do more work which is a no go for him anymore as he's a lazy bum. Basically he just picks at the game and rants for 30 minutes, not very entertaining to watch but that's what he likes to do. I really don't know whats the problem he has with this game because it is a good game and a Final Fantasy game. I have played this game and it's sequel, they are good games and may not be perfect but no game is as every game has faults.

He mentions that Lighting's anti gravity device doesn't appear after using it at the start of the game but there is a clear reason why. It is explained shorty after the point in which he mentions this as the device stops working as Sazh breaks it when she leaves without him and he jumps on her to make sure he can get away as well. It causes them to hit the ground and then it stops working, that's the reason why so it doesn't just stop appearing for no reason which shows that he is an idiot. What did he not play the game or is this just a research failure.

He mentions that the linear game play which he calls "the endless hallway" is really terrible but that doesn't make a game bad, alot of video games have a linear path to take and it can either be bad or good but in this case it is good as it allows the creators to push in more story elements rather than hours of combat without any story like in some other RPG's. At least their ain't any dungeon crawling in this game, "the endless hallway" does end as you get to free roam later on in the game when you get on Pulse. It can't stop someone from playing the game as this guy

shadownetspy95 said:
"the endless hallway" is by no means a small nitpick lol that very reason is why I stopped playing the game, left feeling like I just wasted 60 bucks. The endless hallway is referring to how linear the game is and there isn't any atmosphere or depth to the game whatsoever because of the inability to explore
Another example would be Left for Dead where you just go from point A to to point B which is pretty terrible as there is no exploration but that doesn't stop you from enjoying the game. He makes a big deal about the save points where they also act as shops for you to buy equipment, he says that how does this apply to real life but remember it is only a game so don't take it to seriously. How about I complain how come checkpoints in video's games don't apply in real life or in the games verse such as COD, Battlefield and most other games. The only game where respawns apply inverse which I know of is in the Unreal Tournament series as the game is part of the tournament in which you spawn back due to the technology they use as you don't really die when you get killed.

He acts like the game should explain certain stuff before bringing them up such as a L'Cie because he's just like "what's that" but the game has only started. How about if I question Halo 1 when they mention the covenant at the start of the game and act like they should say who they are and explain the situation, see what I mean. How dare Halo do that without telling me who the enemy is before they appear and not letting you find out information through the course of the game.

This is the part where Sazh tell the kid that he's not a L'Cie but Spoony seemed to have a problem  at this point because he doesn't know what it is but remember the game has only begun
He picks at the robes the people who are getting deported to pulse are wearing and he rants on for minutes like an idiot, of course he is just doing this but you can do that to any game by going what's this mean, why are the costumes like this, why does the military in Halo suck and our modern military which is 500 years before Halo is still better than it. How comes there ain't any LMG's is Halo until Halo 4 as any military has a wide variety of weapons unlike Halo where there are barley any types of guns. You don't even get multiple assault rifles or anything like that unlike in real life where you have M16, M4A1, FN SCAR and more but Halo only gets the one, see what I mean you could just nitpick at anything.

He seems to have a problem with the way the game gives you items from treasure spheres and potions that are sometimes inside, potion doesn't necessarily mean wizards and druids but just something that heals so don't take the game to seriously as it's just a game! Im pretty sure you could manufacture potions and such, just look at ancient medicines and then look at manufactured ones as they are just adapted for modern use such as remedies when you are sick and such but he's just being stupid and not thinking properly or just trashing the game which seems to be his intention.

He says that this creature is a machine but that is wrong as later in the game you find out that they are native creatures from Pulse transformed into war machines so they are not just robots or machines but a mix of both. If he even played the game then he would have remember that face but he didn't which is sad, you even fight the native creatures on pulse and you would see yourself that those creatures are just like the war machines you saw earlier in the game which gives you hints on what they really are.

He complains about Snow punching the enemy's and then they disintegrate but if you can't beat any enemy's then what's the point in playing as enemy's can't be to hard. It's just a game anyway so he shouldn't complain about game mechanic's, how about I say that Halo game play doesn't apply to inverse as inverse the banshee fly's like a jet but ingame it hovers in mid air and moves really slow. What gives Bungie just for balancing game play how dare you as it should apply to the universe it's set in. How come bodies disappear in video games when you kill them but that doesn't happen in real life, the list could go on forever but who really cares.

I don't need to cover everything but the last thing I'll cover would be Spoony mentioning the anti-grav grenade that the Heroes use to get down from a higher height, he's like how are the players supposed to know what device they are using. Does it really matter as in Halo: ODST they pull out a healing foam out of nowhere at a point in the game when it never appeared in a Halo game before that or even mentioned. Hope you have enjoyed reading and remember to check back every now and then for more blogs.

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  2. A lot of your criticism hinges on prior knowledge, even though he said he is describing things as he first saw them. This is to point out how terribly designed the setup of the story and the beginning of the game is.
    This guy's talking about a L'Cie. What the fucks a L'Cie? This conversation is now useless because the subject matter is unknown to me.
    Even the main characters don't really know what the hell they're doing through most of the game, how should the player, especially at the start?
    I'll agree with the Potions, they are a staple of the series and should stay that way. Lord knows they've ripped out enough already.
    And sure, Left 4 Dead was linear, doesn't stop you from enjoying the game. But you know what they called it? Left 4 Dead. Not Final Fantasy. It also didn't take up time and resources at Square Enix that could have been put towards a better Final Fantasy game.
    The towns encountered in previous games served break up the action, stopping the endless flow of enemies for long enough to do exactly what this game needed more of; To expose you to a little more exposition, maybe explaining the world a little more or try to draw you into the story.
    The game treats exposition like poison; a few well-placed explanatory sentences could alleviate some of the initial shock of coming into the world, but instead opts to bury it in a database of information, which is, in itself, intimidating to a new player. It's just lazy design. It's not too much to ask to get basic information that is not only common knowledge in-world, but necessary to understand the story and the main characters and their problems, instead of being given an encyclopedia with walls of text and told to go nuts.
    And Halo didn't have to tell you much, hell the game tells you more than it has to. It's a Sci-Fi FPS. You shoot anything vaguely nonhuman and make you way to the objective.

    1. Many games throw stuff at you when you don't know what they are, many games have extra information that's not mentioned in the games. Halo makes a bunch of BS in their books and they are never mentioned in the games making them more like Star wars expanded universe rather than canon.

      Don't know what's going on at the start of a game, yea just like if you complain about not knowing what's going on in a movie a minute into watching it. You must watch it first to grasp the story much like this game so just understand.

      They are changing the way the games are much like the Resident Evil series except this is neither a bad or good move but different as they want to make each final fantasy game unique on it's own so it can stand out from the rest of them allowing you to have a different experience with each game.

    2. But this is a world you're entering where you come into it knowing literally nothing about it, and basic concepts aren't explained for long stretches of time.
      Even if you don't give them the full story, you need to give players something. Example:
      Final Fantasy VII We're going to blow up this reactor.
      Blow up a few reactors, everything unfolds from there.
      Final Fantasy VIII You're a military student, pass your exams, graduate go on your first mission, on we go.
      Final Fantasy IX Kidnap the princess, get shot down, continue to Lindblum
      Final Fantasy XIII Umm I was on a train and I have to go this way. The military are after me. Dunno why I'm a prisoner. They keep throwing terms at me like L'Cie and Gran Pulse and Cocoon and what the hell am I doing?
      They do eventually start to explain what's going on, but then the characters get given their Focus and suddenly even they don't know what's going on.
      The difference between the information in the Halo books and the information buried in FFXIII's little database is in FFXIII the information is necessary for basic understanding of its story, and this is an RPG. A medium that by definition inserts you into the role of a character, and the motivations (why they're doing what they're doing) and who the characters are are unknown for long stretches of gameplay.
      Finally, change can be good. But in this case, they've shredded the basic guts of the Final Fantasy game so much that it's almost a completely different game.

    3. Well you won't know much about any game world unless you play the game, it would be different if you were playing a sequel to a game but this is not the case here.

      I had no problem with the information database as it's the same in Mass Effect except that has more explaining than this but that doesn't make it bad.

      The longer you play the game the more you know who they are as it reveals info bit by bit which is just another way of telling the story.

      It does seem that the game is more centered to you the player thinking back on the game and saying that's what was going on rather than explaining at the start which can be confusing but I didn't have a problem with it but im not everyone.

  3. You've heard it here first, as long as Halo does it, it's competent storytelling. Halo is the bar.

    1. Yea Halo is the "bar" but not Halo 4...... or Reach...... or ODST........ or Wars.