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Final Fantasy XIII – Part 2

Well a good idea to put up this video for the new year, didn't think he would as it usually takes him a while to do the next part and it was coming up to Christmas so another reason why it could have been put off but it was only 16 days after that first part. This was a good thing so applaud him for that, at least Spoony One doesn't put up random video's in which it takes as long the video is to create it unlike some other person. You can find his video of the first part below and the link to my blog post as well.

Spoony Experiment Video and YouTube Link

Blog Post

A bit late but better late than never. I do agree on a super powered trench coat being really stupid though as it's just that stupid.

You spent a ton of time analyzing a trenchcoat...A TRENCHCOAT
I also had a problem with Spoony doing this as he went on far to long and should have moved onto the next subject at hand. He seemed to have a real problem with Snow's jacket, he says it a super powered jacket but I don't remember this being mentioned in the game or in the additional text notes. It does say on the wiki though but I always prefer games to mention tech ingame rather than making us read on the internet so you can see why that would make someone angry but it's just one thing and that can't ruin your experience of playing the game. This happens in Halo all the time, like how are the powers ups applied in verse when they are never mentioned ingame so we need an explanation.

He mentions that he punches people and then disintegrate but that's just a game mechanic, do bodies really disappear in verse like in COD and Halo. Is their no graves in Halo after people die, do we just remember air from them as we have no body. Do Spartans jump like they are on the moon in halo verse, no as it's just a game mechanic.
He says what lives here mean what lives in the Gapra Whitewood. Well that's where the Sanctum place all the creatures from pulse and turn them into war machines which is why you fight them there. It says that in the info in the database if he bothered to check and you can kinda tell by yourself by exploring and using your imagination.
Character backgrounds aren't explained because you have to play the game first and you can't spoil everything about them in a datalog. The games reveals more info about everyone piece by piece, it wouldn't be fun if they just explained their motives and intentions. Would you tell other people your intentions and background if you just meet them not long ago, don't think so.

He says that Sazh "just has a bird in his Fro" but it does show you where Sazh gets the chocobo as he buys it from a souvenir shop as a present for his son in a flashback. This really shows a research failure for Spoony or did he not play the game and somebody else gathered the game play footage for him.
Oh sorry about that, I rest my cause
Why is there a bird in Sazh's afro, well the same reason why Ice-T pulls a baseball bat from his afro in
Leprechaun in the Hood.
And yes that does happen
Who actually cares why it lives in his Afro, though this was funny.
Who cares what it's name is but I'll tell you anyway, well for you who don't know and haven't played the sequel, the chocobo in his hair ends up as Chocolina from the second game so I guess that would become it's name and it's a her if you can't tell by a little furry chocobo? Not like anyone cares but this is explained in the DLC "Heads or Tails" for you who haven't played it. So she transforms into some half chicken animal person? I don't get it.
Chicken Chick to Chicken Woman?
I doubt porno's have better structured plot and spoony one knows all about porno's, you know he was going to make his own by chaining up someone and raping them but watch out as Cinema Snob is after spoony since he has a man crush on him which is kinda gay but brad has done late night poker games with Jerrid and the boys. Check out Ice-T explains the down low for for info on what I mean, Spoony better watch his butt as Brad Jones is after him so he'll be in a porno eventually but not the one he was wishing for.
Check out the Cinema Snob Sucks Blog while your at it
People can follow the games plot as I did and had no problems knowing what was happening in the game as I paid attention which is something Spoony One isn't good at. Maybe if your like 12 this game isn't for you or if you have the mind of one then you should not play J-RPG's. He says it's like an alien wrote FF13 but remember it was written by Japanese people.

There is an ocean on Cocoon because it's a planet and where there are people there is water, you need it to survive you know so why does he think there couldn't be water on the planet. It is never explained because you don't need an explanation, do we need an explanation on why their are beaches around the world.
I can understand what he means by the game not explaining what everything is but does any game explain what everything is every instant that they bring it up.

Example of Dialogue
I'll feed you to a thresher maw like I feed that pyjak to that varren back on Tuchanka if you don't shut up.
By the way a thresher maw is a subterranean carnivore that spends it's entire life eating or searching for something to eat. They are enormous, violent creatures that burst up from the ground without warning when disturbed. A pyjak is a primitive species found on several planets and varren are omnivores with a preference for living prey. Originally native to the krogan homeworld of Tuchanka, they are—like most life from Tuchanka—savage, clannish, and consummate survivors and tunchunka is the krogan homeworld.
A Krogan is and they are known for fighting the rachni and starting the krogan rebellions. This could go on forever as when you mention one thing it could connect to another so you don't want anything like that to happen, also it's not a good way to immerse someone in the world of a game that they are playing if you explain alot so just use your imagination. Even other people were annoyed by his banter.

DarkSamuraiX1989 said
Good fucking grief, may the gods help this guy....NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE EXPLAINED AND SPOON-FED TO YOU.
He acts like the Pulse fal'Cie just appears and people don't notice it but they didn't bother it as it was an artifact/Vestige left over from the war after they brought raw materials off Pulse to repair the damage and they probably brought them up in these huge structures but they didn't realise that a Pulse fal'Cie was hiding inside until now.

From Datalog
"The centuries-old Vestige outside of Bodhum was believed to be nothing more than a harmless curiosity."
So that's why they didn't bother the vestige as it's just an old structure in the background until the doors were laying open and Serah randomly walked inside, then she was turned into a Pulse l'Cie. If he just payed attention he would know all of this and not rant on this or that. The explanation given is just fine and I have no problem with it but it seems he has a problem with this game in general so he just picks at it.
Stargate, just hope their ain't any false gods laying about
I don't know it this is actually symbolism but it doesn't seem like it as he was just reaching out for her hand. Who knows about this one and who really cares but if you want the real answer then just go and ask the developers to really find out. Don't think it represents anything by the way.
He doesn't seem to be hurt or anything like that from that crash but that's probably due to the game being made by Japanese people and then having anime logic which means explosion send you islands away.
When the children jump in an air bike it crashes when the head up into the vestige, it then fades to black. Fade to black solves all problems as then you don't have to animate the crash which = less development time. He might as well have pulled the boomerang from his ass and nice the ring Terror's Realm reference, I would also like to know who created and what the hell a deer antler whip stick is. I mean that's really stupid.
At 21:28 he starts to talk about the aerosol strength, stealth and defense power ups. Cloaking devices come in aerosol spray can's, invisibility in a can, dawning your armor in deodorant. I mean that's really stupid, what were the developers thinking putting something that stupid in the game. Saying invisibility in a can out loud must bring down your IQ alone.

At 25:20 he say's it's been only two hours into the game but why has he been showing clips after this part being the flashbacks, Gapra Whitewood and more. He should just work his way through the game showing parts as he goes along and not jump sections ahead in the game, I know it probably makes it easier to create the video but still. So 10 Serah counts, wonder how much we will have by the end of the review. Good to do this again since the ass shots from the tenth final fantasy.
They fall from the vestige and appear fine but they aren't hurt because they have now become L'Cie's which gives them superhuman powers and strength. That is probably the reason why they are harmed by the fall but he didn't mention that now did he. Of course he is just picking at the game but he should mention at least some of this to show that he actually played the game. Spoony One should really cut that hair of his a sit looks disgusting being sweaty looking and all. Brad Jones also has a man crush on Spoony because of his hair so he should watch his ass from now on. Well the blog post is over now and I am eagerly awaiting part 3 of his review of FF13 so till then.
Dang it, Cut that hair
Just encase you didn't already know that Spoony One threatened to chain someone up in his basement and rape them you know now.

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