Monday, 29 April 2013

Final Fantasy XIII Review (Part 3)

A great funny video for Spoony One, I had mostly no problems with it overall other than the running time as it could have been a bit longer. It clocks in at 26 minutes which isn't bad but I just feel that if the video was a bit longer it could have been made better.

I notice a new intro in this video, don't like the new or old one. It's just really odd especially when it's fully animated, his dog even appears in the intro so does he think he is Cinema Snob having his cat and getting it to appear and then people are asking for cat appearances. He probably fucks his cat but im guessing Spoony jerks off his dog, you do know they're both like that. And why does he look like shaggy from scooby doo in the intro.
The resemblance is uncanny
Spoony one seems to be real angry at this game, I have played it and at times it can be frustrating but it's not as bad as he lets on. The game is actually good even if it does have a few setbacks, when snow has to tame Shiva sisters he goes on the offensive but your meant to just sit there and take damage from them on sentinel mode. It does not tell you this but how is the player meant to know what to do.
The main characters in the game are all branded and everyone's  appear in different places on their bodies, he just guesses where it will be on the underage girl (Vanille) and it's on her thigh. Good old Japanese pedophilia, don't they ever learn. Spoony say's that it would appear there or in between her breasts, that's where lightnings appears but Spoony doesn't mention that. Did he even play the game or am I just nitpicking.
The characters in this game are also always talking about there focus and what it could be, they do it so much that Spoony puts it into a few minutes of their dialogues and inserts hope saying you don't know yet throughout it all. It's another funny part of the video so congrats to him there.
When the characters are having a vision of their focus he inserts his own stuff making it blend in which was really funny. He say's that the vision they receive is so clouded that if you someone had a vision of George Lucas that it could mean anything such as beating him with a rubber chicken to covering him with food.
And what the hell is this
He makes a point saying that the bad guys have all this equipment such as jet packs, war machines but cannot take down people with swords that shoot very small different elemental magic missiles. They have all these weapons and they cannot combat them properly, it kinda makes your bad guys seem incompetent but then again if they could kill the characters then there wouldn't be a story.

At the end of the video he put in a clip of sazh telling vanille how about a park date with sazh and then it cuts.  Kinda creepy scene there, wonder where it went from there but you know those black guys, Okinawa and all. He say's that this was only the first 10 hours into the game, yea JRPG's tend to be lengthy level grinding experiences.
Rape Face
Overall this video is funny and enjoyable so go on ahead and watch it, just hope it doesn't take 3 months plus for the next part though. Additional game play footage provided by fat bastard Sean Fausz, just how much of the total footage did Spoony even collect by himself.

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