Thursday, 20 June 2013

Minority Report: Everybody Runs

Well this was a surprise, the video starts off with a corrupted intro. Oh no story arch incoming, the intro is also his old intro so um...... yay I guess. He then starts to explain that he originally meant to review the game 5 years ago but the video footage got corrupted, so he then didn't bother to retake the footage even though he probably used a script and im guessing already captured the game play unless that magically got corrupted as well. He also say's that he even showed the game before but since what happened he just put it off until now, 5 years is a really long time and I even remember him teasing us for a review all those years ago.
But suddenly something happens, oh no I fear for his life
What have you done Burton, you have changed the space time continuum
Notice the posters changing, you should get a chuckle out of that. He seems to pick at the game and movie alot including the precogs and precrime in general. He just loves to nitpick doesn't he, he also points out that your ingame character looks nothing like Tom Cruise and is voiced by Clancy brown. He inserts a clip of Starship Troopers with Clancy brown in it which was good to see but he doesn't like the movie which annoys me as it's one of the best war movies ever made. Angry Joe also makes an appearance in the game, yea hurry up and upload the rest of your E3 video's you jackass. He's probably gonna filter the video's out over a while so he can get more views and make you watch the video's you don't want to. Sorry but that's another story.
Ah your hideous, your so ugly even your momma don't love you
The rag doll physics look good in this game and spoony does indeed have fun with it, he starts to throw people through everything that he can see. Off ledges, through glass and much more. Spoony picks at the story as you are already killing people by throwing people off buildings and killing them but it's a game dumb ass. He then play's the song I Believe I Can Fly over him playing the game and getting red balls thrown at him by the ball wrangler. I didn't find this bit funny at all, it was just stupid and annoying. Spoony also unnecessary references linkara with it's a crack baby showing a Mr T comic pic, really nobody cares about linkara and Mr T so stop talking about the special card you got with the comic you smug bastard.
He sits atop a throne of lies
After the end of the game he starts talking about the movie and that when he went back to precrime that he was inserted into the prison. He also say's that this is backup up by the ending being too good and chummy with everything working out. This is the same as total recall but he doesn't say this even though both are based on books written by Philip K. Dick, did he even research the game/movie at all. Well I guess I'll just add that into his list of research failures. Anyhow the video was ok, it had some funny moments but overall it was average at best.

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I tend to disagree
Why didn't Spoony One point this out, even I noticed that

Yea idiot he has been doing that for some time now, it's nothing new
Speaks for itself
Im with this guy
I guess Miles enjoyed hitting him with those balls then, watch out he might kill someone again

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