Friday, 28 June 2013

SGC 2013 – Spoony Q&A

Spoony's in SGC, so he is in Stargate Command but I don't see General Hammond, Teal'c or SG1 anywhere so what gives and I though the SGC was in Cheyenne Mountain. Not even a system lord about, who would have thought. Spoony starts off the Q&A by throwing red balls at the crowd, that was funny to see but he did it for too long so it wore out.
Apophis anyone
He then tells a story about how he has a guy who gets him things such as imported porn and Japanese games, let me just guess that the imported porn comes from Japan and the Japanese games are Rapelay and Battleraper. What you know he probably has those games, dear god what the hell's wrong with Japan anyway. It just say's something about Spoony One's mind when you know this, no wonder why people call him a misogynist.
He then begins to say that he has a power over people to make them do stuff, Im just gonna guess that he's one of those people who are all about submission and are like yea suck my dick bitch. All the idiots in the crowd are probably part of his duck sucking fanbase so they already know, they just go along and are like please may I have another. He say's that he actually liked Final Fantasy 13 up until hopes house and he just wanted to express where in real life when he stopped playing the game in the as he say's "Story line". He then calls FF13 the most beautiful game on the PS3 (Yea Right) and that he wanted to like the game, he also say's that "Eyes on Me" the song for FF8 is a really good song but if that's the case why did he troll on the game at that point.

8 bit mickey was annoying at first but he doesn't yabber as much in the second half of the video, in between all this he takes some questions from the crowd. Someone asks him to play Tekken with him tomorrow and Spoony is kinda ignorant about this as he answers back by asking is that an event of thing here but the guy was honestly asking do you want to play a game with me. Spoony say's only if it's tekken tag tournament which more or less means no, what a dick at least interact with your fans. Another guy asks what do you do the show for and Spoony say's because it's fun and I like to do it, 8 bit mickey say's the money while spoony is talking which was funny but I think he is drunk at this event as some said in the comments.

It was funny because someone ask spoony about what video editing programs does he use and he say's it depends on what you want to do. He then mentions the Cinema Snob and that he uses a very simple video editing program which is sad because it's so basic, he say's that all he does is bitch about movies in front of a camera so all he has to do is click and drag his clips together to make his videos. Check out my cinema snob blog if you want to hear more about him, spoony does talk about some other stuff but you can check out the video for yourself.

Video Links

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs Final Fantasy Unlimited
Spoony riffs on an episode of the Final Fantasy anime, this video is really funny so check it out. The only two things I will mention is that spoony say's it's from the 90's due to bad animation but it's actually from 2001, he also didn't make an Earthworm Jim reference which was a shame because I and others expected it.

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs Shadowrun, A Night’s Work
This video was meh as it didn't really seem like he could make fun of the video, don't blame him though as there wasn't much to work with.

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs the Chuck E. Cheese Walkabout Guide
Video was average at best but does have some funny moments, first half has the least laughs but the second is better.

Spoony app now available for Android and Apple devices!
All I can say about this is sigh, I don't need to explain why. Cinema snob and Linkara appear in the video two, oh wait more shitheads who only care about the money.

An Appeal from the Animator!

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs the Radio Shack VISThis video was kinda funny but overall just average, people ask to do the star trek rock monster video but he goes no I want to do this one. What a dick, im guessing he chose this one because he planned this video and probably already practiced all his jokes for it in the mirror beforehand so he wouldn't mess up. He makes a bunch of Xbox One jokes even though they already removed all or most of the bad stuff, there are very little comments for these videos which just shows how much people are interested in them.

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs Starfox 64
Riffs Starfox 64 or an ad for the 64 which just so happens to feature Starfox 64 in it, misleading title Noah. I couldn't hear much of what he was saying and the video itself was funny but Spoony's banter was annoying and pointless.

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs Discovering the World Wide Web
This wasn't even one bit funny, I didn't even finish watching the video it was that bad.

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs SEGA’s 1994 CES Promo Video
So what this is it for the convention...... lame. This video was ok and people in the audience should have shut the fuck up as we all know the stupid advertising memes. It was the same guy most of the time thought this event, maybe it's the same ass who shouts out in Linkara's live shows...... probably is. Just look how much comments and views these video get, comments crawled in on his site and views were only around 8-9k on YouTube.

Meanwhile on Spoony's Twitter
Yea we all know your an ugly fuck
Yea he wishes

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