Thursday, 20 June 2013

Spoony goes to Finland

His face say's yea suck my dick bitch
Watch out he might rape someone, knowing Spoony one he probably might. He'll just be like but I am the spoony one you must please me, now onto the orgy's my fellow fans. Afterwards he will rape someone in a toilet for desert and then get someone to take a video and upload to some internet porn website for money, what you know he would. Anyhow he is going to an Animecon in Finland to watch some tentacle hentai, ok that's not what he's going there for but he could be. He is going to see his fans in Finland and hopefully not embarrass himself in from of everyone, I hope the don't show Legend of the Overfiend at the convention. Spoony would make a good lead for an American remake of the Japanese rapeman series, you know he would take up the offer. It would be either him or brad jones, both would fuck their pets to get furry lovers on board.
I knew Spoony One was a furry lover all along, him and the rest of TGWTG. You'd think they were all Japanese.
Wait, people are actually going to spend earth currency just to go see this dickhead

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