Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Black Hole of Board Games – VCR Wrestlemania Game

A good funny video from Spoony unlike the Cinema Snob lately, even Linkara's are better than his and that say's something. The fans voted and they choose a wrestling board game, hmm I wish he did the star trek board game though as that would have been more funny. He tells us that you probably though it would have been like the other board games where you have someone to tell you what to do but no, sadly this one is stock footage of wrestling matches. Forgot he had an intro for this and it could be better, it's ok I guess. 13k people and change voted for this so that's ok for his fanbase after what's happened to him over the years.

During the course of the video spoony's "characters" appear and it's hilarious, you gotta watch this. He uses them to poke fun at himself, the Ultimate warrior tells spoony did you know there's a highlander movie. The Iron Sheik complains to spoony that he used to respect him but all he does now is counter monkey, yea I complain about that too. Yea spoony you just ridicule those who criticise you, asshole. Iron Sheik also tells him about the Final Fantasy and how he wants to fuck him in the ass...... ok weird. Overall this is a good funny video from spoony, yea I know this is the sucks blog but I have to tell you when his video's are funny and when they are not.

Video Link
Meanwhile on Spoony's Twitter
No matter what I say about him you have to give him respect for this, someone tried to state a fact that it happens everywhere but does that mean it's ok then. I can see how stating a fact could be misinterpreted as a defence but who the hell defends gang rapes unless your Japanese.

I know they are joking but this isn't something to joke about. Unless your a gay faggot that is (points to spoony and brad). Somebody also said that they'd prefer spoony and linkara but that's just sick, what's wrong with this world.

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