Monday, 30 September 2013

Black Hole of Board Games – VCR Golf

This video was mostly boring and uninteresting, has very little comedic value whatsoever. As you all probably know Spoony mentioned VCR Golf before and everybody sent him it to review even though he said not to but he knew you would so he could review it and create a thing about him being tortured by his fans. Before he put this video out he made excuses on twitter that he was having problems and that everything goes wrong when he wants something to work, he does this every time he has to put out a video.
The title card is also very bland but so is this video and that allows them to contrast together, he also could have picked a better board game to review such as the Star Trek one or any other than this piece of garbage but no we got golf. It also took him a month to put out this review which is a shame because we know he can do it faster than that but he just doesn't give a damn about his fans. Spoony also has an ego problem because he talks about the Wrestlemania Game and say's that he turned a mess into comedic gold but it wasn't that funny. Spoony makes a disgusting rape face during the course of the video that will give you nightmares, we also get some more corrupted video "storyline" for a second or two but who cares about that.
Mirror mirror on the wall who is the ugliest fuck of them all
In the video he also talk about that this is his "job" even though this technically isn't a job and does he pay tax with the income he generates from his "show", I don't think so. One of you shit heads is gonna come up and say define a job just like Linkara fanboys in his please let the ads play video. Cinema Snob treats it like a job but at least he puts out a video every week plus extras which is something this big nosed fuck can't do. Overall this video is bad and very boring to watch, don't blame you if you don't finish watching.

Video Links

Some Pics
Blade..... nice.
His place is a complete mess, it's like a trash heap
Pool table, let me guess paid with fan donations like usual.
Just like AVGN and Nostalgia Critic.
Have fun making out what games he has.
Ah the famous couch.

In other News
Spoony on his twitter showed him holding a copy of Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn, oh but what does this hold in store for use. Will he eventually review the game or will he just not bother like the lazy shit he is, lets wait and find out.

Repeat sex offender Noah Antwiler in GTA 5.... weird isn't it.

Preview of what's to come
Spoony showed this pic on his twitter recently, no not spoony. Anyone but him, so will this be the end of the Spoony and his board game reviews, stay tuned for next time.

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