Saturday, 26 October 2013

Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #15: Olympic Manhunt

A hilarious video from Spoony, it was really funny and I loved the gay jokes against Russia and the Sochi games. My favourite joke in this video was they attack from behind...... get it because they ram stuff up your bum. I guess spoony doesn't like what Russia is doing against gay faggots even thought it's against gay propaganda and not gays themselves but the media will twist it into what they want to believe anyway. The title of the video is lets play even though this isn't a lets play but somebody said in the comments that he played the mission for hours and kept dying all the time so you can understand why he never posted it on his site.
Overall you should check this video out as you'll get a good laugh, does this video really make up for the last one though. I'd say yes and no because the last was dead air and why did he continue a years dead lets play. That was really stupid of him but I guess the fans demanded it, hurry up and edit that new video you took footage of because I don't want any more let's plays.

Video Link

Spoony Moving House
Also if you didn't already know spoony is moving out of his brothers house into his blue haired anime character girlfriends house, normally I don't comment on his personal life but this time it's different. He is moving out of the scenes we already know and the backgrounds will be different in his new video's, it will also take him more time to put out a new video because he has to get everything set up again.

Spoony's Twitter and More
Spoony complaining again
It's odd that a bullet hit through spoony's anime character girlfriends window.
Spoony one has been having some problems with his Sony Vegas as seen below.
Probably pirated it like the Irate Gaymer.

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