Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Britannia Burns – Richard Garriott Interview, Part 1 and More

You can just see how big spoony's ego is in this video, he tells Lord British that you would have never gotten that kickstarter goal without his name on it as if Lord British owes him on that one and he should be grateful..... screw yourself and go get your dog to jerk you off you sick bastard. What what we all know he does it after he got those penis enlarging pills from the Cinema Snob.
There is also a bad sketch in this video of Cobra Commander (Angry Joe) shouting at Lord British for wanting to put a map in the game so yea that was funny. Spoony has the audacity to put hosted by Noah Antwiler in the video acting like his personality is so great, more of his over bloated ego.

Richard Garriott’s Art Gallery and Ass-Ugly Akalabeth Pictures
It was interesting to see the games and how they evolved from time to time and Lord British's personal thoughts on them. Spoony points out the bad artwork of Akalabeth and damn does it look nasty, overall it was interesting to see the interviews if you can call them that as they gave us info on the games and their development.

In other News (Big Image Dump Here)
Spoony One can't even put in a simple garden fence, damn this guys dumb.
He also changed the names of a couple of his old videos, they were board games and thus spoony renamed then black hold of board games even though they were unrelated to this years block of board games in that event.
Spoony comments on Zimmerman and he shouldn't have said that, I know he is in support of Trayvon Martin but he should have worked it differently. A guy defended George Zimmerman and spoony attacked him even though he has a point and Zimmerman only defended himself.
Spoony being an ass about people talking about the way he acted in his first interview video.
His computer also crapped out and ha ha you deserve it you dirty scum bag.
Doctor Who rage on twitter.
People ridicule the dumb fuck that is The Spoony One!

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