Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Britannia Burns - Richard Garriott Interview, Part 2 and More

Britannia Burns - Richard Garriott Interview, Part 2
Yay more month old interview videos, what we always wanted. Now don't you go out of your way and make an actual video no no no that's too much to ask, after all it'll only take you a few centuries to set up in your new home so it's only reasonable to ask us to wait that long.

Just look at the smug grin on his face thinking he's hot slippery shit interviewing Richard Garriott even though a ton of others have done so since he's developing the new game..... but wait it's the spoony one he must bring his own to the table. He's just got too, oh noes what I have done. How could I have insulted my god figure whom I so aspire to be, it's just too much for me to handle.
Look at him while he sits there flicking his hair about too see if Richard Garriott notices him, "yes you want me yes you do" spoony thinks to himself.  Richard garriot gives him a stern dark look and proceeds to gobble on the end of spoonys dick, "yes yes it tastes so good" Richard proclaims very loudly to the world and snap spoony wakes up from daydreaming and comes back to reality.
(Looks above at all the text) What the fuck was that all about, anyway back to the blog post. In this video they talk about the killing of children in the games and all other shit and that there are many ways to deal with those enemy's unlike now video games. Spoony dug deep down to the bottom of his vocal cords and let out an unintelligible screech at 11:31, just hear his voice ewww.

How to Make Apple II Artwork
Spoony put "You kids and your Photoshop..." for the video description as now everyone can easily create art while back then it was all done painstakingly by hand. It was interesting to see the pages that he used and how they went about getting them into the game, the guy beside Richard Garriott is the guy who designed the maps for the games. Somebody filled us in on spoonys website comments section about that guy as alot of people didn't know who he was including me.
They show the maps to spoony and angry joe and they act like too dyslectic retards, making stupid noises pretending to be Richard Garriott acting crazy drawing the maps. That was really pathetic to see, even the guy who draws the maps didn't want to be in the same room as these dumb asses.
Britannia Burns - Richard Garriott Interview, Part 3
Spoony put "Will I pop the question or not?" in the description because he knows what people have been saying about him and Richard Garriott.

O British, Where Art Thou? - The Avatar vs. Lord British
This video was ok, it was kinda boring and too short. I thought it was a parody on video games where you can't hurt npc's but a guy in the comments section told me that it an ultima version of a road runner cartoon. Well I don't watch looney tunes porn so how was I supposed to know that.

Overall it was good to see how the games developed over the ages and what work behind the scenes went into them, spoony acted like his usual retard self accompanied by the pinata known as angry joe. They two make the ultimate dumb ass combination, around 14K around average watched these videos and that's what spoonys fanbase is at. 

In other news
Warning a ton of images incoming, recently Spoony commented on Linkara's idiotic review of a punisher Christmas comic and FF13. He says that he can't wait to finish FF13, this is just sad as he should have never stopped reviewing the game but continued till the end as we wouldn't have the situation we do now would we.
Spoony also re-tweeted something about Saudi Arabia relating to women and man was it sad to see him do that, listen here spoony as who says it's right for us to dictate what other people do in their own country as it's part of their religion and culture. Do they do that to us and tell us to act like them, I don't think so but when anyone goes to anyone else's country they should abide by the rules they set out so if they tell you to wear a veil then wear the veil because house rules.
I didn't want to know that spoony does porn, who'd want to watch that creature thrusting.
Spoony being an idiot trying to build a computer and being an ass when people try to help him.
This guy makes a good point, spoony stretches his reviews because it's the only thing people come to him for and not the vlogs.
Complaining about FF13 again, does he ever give up. Hey when's the next review spoony...... what never.
He saw the trailer for the new Godzilla movie and he didn't like what he saw, that then got him talking about Pacific Rim again.


  1. Great job on the blog, my friend. Keep fighting the good fight, and don't let the cocksucker fanboys of this travesty of a reviewer put you down.
    By the way, I've read this tweets, and once again he confused criticism with trolling.

    Someone needs to bash him on the head with a 1000 page dictionary, just to make him aware that criticism is way different than trolling.

    1. Good to know someones got my back, spoony and mostly all internet reviewers always sees criticism as a personal attack on them even though it's meant for them to improve. They probably don't want to deal with anyone saying anything negative as if you aren't taking it up the ass from him then he's not gonna listen.

  2. Hey Pearse, Part 5 of Spoony's Final Fantasy 13 review has just been put up on YouTube.

    1. Yea watched it last night yesterday, Im starting to type up the post about it now.