Monday, 13 January 2014

Final Fantasy XIII – Part 1 (Commentary)

Dear god is this guy an idiot, he still acts like a moron while talking about the game like some delusional retard who actually believes the wrong he is saying. I mean seriously he has a major problem, is this also what he will be putting up for updates because this only takes as much effort as long as he records his voice. He again calls it the worst game he has ever played...... then he must have played only a few games because this is actually a good game and if he wants to understand pain then let him play The Last Remnant and then he can come back and see which is worse.
Stupid Fucking Game
Spoony nitpicks at everything again like the spas he is, he says "all these words are very alien to me" and that he doesn't understand what is going on and that's the games main fault that it can't tell a story properly. That's really stupid to say as your meant to reach the end and then you'll understand what is going on, also your obviously alien to these new words because you've only started playing it retard. You could do this to any game and be like what's reach, what's the covenant...... grrr why doesn't this game spell out everything when they bring it up and spoon feed me. He insists that you always need the new guy character who is new to all of this to give exposition, if they did it like that then that would be poor storytelling because why explain it when you can think about it for yourself which allows you to engage yourself with the game. 
The info is in the datalogs just like Mass Effect where you can read about background culture and lore for stuff they mention in the games for stuff they do and don't explain because you know that's how you do it and not what this idiot expects. Spoony again complains about the gravcon and says "I didn't notice it was broken and she only tried it twice and gave up"......... she gave up because it was broken you moron. Why can't he see what is is front of his eyes, it also explains that it broke in the datalogs. I'll just mention this last thing as alot of which he complains I already covered in my criticism of his review over a year ago which you can find here.

The worst thing is he complained about is the music, he says why doesn't the music in the game reflect instruments that they would use in their own world...... who the fuck complains about something as pointless as this. I mean really at this stage he's just making an idiot of himself even more than last time, do we also have to see these instruments being played in this verse now just to let us know they exist. That just really pissed me off and to make it worse he says "I don't even know if im making sense" and there you have it, that pretty much sums up his entire review of the game. He himself doesn't know what he is saying because he isn't making any sense and what he say's isn't true.

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  1. on the concept of Datalogs, I honestly think it's a very interesting concept and an innovative form of storytelling.
    Realistically people would not go into detail about their civilization to people who already know it.

    It was even parodied in Hyper Dimension Neptunia, where neptune states her losing her memories is a means to make her a player substitute so that the characters can pretty much spoon feed you the civilization and the world building concept.

    However, I still think Final Fantasy XIII had an issue regarding this, and I don't blame it, not one bit, this is a truly revolutionary style of story telling, but the question is, How much information do you give someone, to make them intrigued to study more and go into the Datalogs, as well as relay enough information to be able to go through it, if you have a player that isn't 100% interested.

    The problem with Spoony is that he's both a knit picker and he doesn't care.

    He's a knit picker so he has to go into every detail but the game didn't interest him enough for him to read through the datalogs.

    So what ends up happening is that he rages because he knit picks but he doesn't care enough to learn about it.

    And that is entirely Spoony's fault.

  2. Now I gotta confession to make, while I'm not a spoony fan, I am a Linkara fan, and I did realise you kinda made an offhand remark about Linkara being stupid, and personally I cannot bring myself to hate the guy, and I do have a tendency to defend him when someone insults him.

    But I have a kinda personal way to go about this, I go onto TVtropes and look up "Dethroning moments" personally getting onto hate blogs rile me up so I feel that going onto a relatively neutral site like TVtropes is the best way to do it, and I go onto the moments that specifically call out what they do wrong.

    It's my philosophy that you can be a fan of anything as long as you acknowledge it's faults.

    And I must admit, while his storylines can get frustrating to some and I can understand why and I can understand why some may think he's making a Gary Stu character, I can tell when there's genuine effort as a content creator myself, I may not make videos but I write story, I draw pictures and make 3d models.

    I can tell when someone is putting effort and passion into their work, and the reason why he makes storylines is because his fans genuinely love his storylines, there have been records of his videos not being as popular because they didn't continue the storyline, and before you say fans are mindless sheep, while some indeed are, as a fan myself.

    I can say, no, me and alot of his fans can see and point out his flaws, it's just we don't let it get to us too much because honestly, it's easier to find things to like than it is to find things to hate.

    I'm sorry if this comment is poorly structured with grammatical errors and spelling errors, but I felt I needed to make that clear to you.

    And I know you're not all rage and anger, after all I did read the comments.
    So...with that, what are your comments on this?