Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Final Fantasy XIII – Part 2 (Commentary)

At least he is putting these up regularly as it will give us something to watch but when will he actually get back to reviewing as he is really lazy. Im just saying and I know he just finished FF13 so it will take some time before he gets back into things. During this video he random media inserts appear on screen and spoony say's "random stuff" because he himself didn't know why he is doing all that.

He talks about the pixel art in the background and explains how they got there and how he created them, I don't really care much for that but at least we have an explanation. After that he then explains that MD Geist joke and talks about where that joke came from, he rambles on long about this complaining that there wasn't much anime to get in the early/mid 90's....... even though there was a shit ton to choose from as anime was a big thing even back then so he probably has no clue what he was talking about.
Next he says that the worst characters are hope and vanille (Even though more people said Fang rather than Hope but whatever) and that people say he is whinny but spoony defends him saying his mother just died, yes correct and he's right. After he then complains that "nobody else other than Hope has a character arc", he doesn't have a clue what he is talking about as the entire game builds up each character with flashbacks showing you how they have changed from events so he's wrong there. He probably takes arc as whinny to not whinny, see change even though that's overly simplifying it. Most of this video was him talking about the above and he did drag it out..... alot.

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In other News
It appear's more of his videos are getting flagged.
Spoony One and Cinema Snob Crossover...... ewwww.
Spoony can't buy new camera because money is tight...... awww but what about all that money he makes of his videos that sustain his life.

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