Monday, 20 January 2014

Final Fantasy XIII – Part 3 (Commentary)

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the ugliest fuck of them all
Well it's seems that the dirty bastard has final put out the next part after 6 days of waiting, well what was he doing between then and now. Live streaming  useless shit nobody cares about on twitch tv of course, that and jerking off to Japanese Porn. No wait why did I put that image in your head, everybody on deviant art will be all over that soon enough.

Spoony doesn't really talk about much in this video, he complains that the games main fault is the way the story is told. Say's that nobody likes the game and that few people stand up for it and how awesome his video editing skills were, that's basically what takes up the bulk of this video. There was something else near the end of the video he said but I can't seem to remember, anyhow to the criticism. Again spoony is retreading old ground that he covers in this video, he admits that and moves onto saying that "nobody likes the game and that few people stand up for it". I would have to disagree here as he is so delusional, what about the 7-8 Million people who bought the game and all the good critical ratings it got when the game came out....... exactly.

For a large bulk of the video spoony talks about that he had to do this and that while editing trying to stress the effort he put into the video and little to nobody notices. He then mentions Mr can't spell his own name Doug Waker and compares the similarities that they both have to do. Alright I understand that editing isn't as simple as some people think but the way spoony puts it he acts like it's the most stressful task possible when it's not as hard as he puts it out to be. That's really it, I don't remember him talking about much other than those three things.

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In other News
Some weird search keywords have popped up in my blogger and it scars the hell out of me, the words circled in red explains it all.
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Spoony bans some more of his fans.


  1. "What about the 7-8 Million people who bought the game and all the good critical ratings it got when the game came out....... exactly."

    Exactly what? that is just as retarded as Spoony Ad Populum / Bandwagon argument.

    Sold well? no shit, The Phantom Menace also sold well just by brand name ALONE, before people went: "Oh.....its not as good as the old ones."

    Same thing with the Final Fantasy brand. If you go by purchases as "quality" then explain why a shitty game like Aliens: Colonial Marines actually made tons of money? 2 things: Brand Name and Pre-Orders (making money before the game is even out and test its ACTUAL quality).

    And critical ratings? really? in this day an age you use the "critics" like if they are trustworthy and not paid to say what they say?

    Good marketing is the key to sell ANYTHING. A cheap ass movie could have cost 10.000$ (1000$ on the movie proper, the rest 9000$ on marketing) but if it earns enough money to go beyond 10.000$ before the idiots catch up with word of mouth it would matter, because to the higher ups the movie its a success for reaching beyond its initial cost. So paying the critics is just the next logical step for good marketing, probably next to pay Let's Players to promote a shitty console:

    Seriously son, its almost like the Mass Effect 3 controversy didn't kill that myth already:

    You can't call out Spoony for being lazy when you are doing the same. Defeat the idiot by using facts and evidence like presenting a video in a timeframe or a screenshot where the plot is explained. This way the idiot cant say: "When did Fang and Vanille knew they could merge together to do their Deus Ex Machina shit?!" because you just presented the moment where they demonstrated they could do it before.

    Seriously, all you need is to post a fucking link here and done. More efficient than making a video, and more efficient than bitching without providing evidence. By doing so, you make his "monumental" efforts look ridiculous when the facts are so easily accessible.