Sunday, 26 January 2014

Justin “Jew Wario” Carmical Dead at 42

Nobody who commits suicide deserves respect, I know im gonna get hate for this but it's the truth. He isn't going to heaven, all those who kill themselves go to hell and that's a fact. Im not the only one saying this as there are many others, people tend to only say good when someone die's as if you mention anything negative even if it's the truth your an ignorant bastard.

Cinema Snob, Spoony One and everyone else is saying goodbye and due to them personally knowing him they don't want to say wrong and I understand that. Noah Antwiler said that he doesn't know what to do but Brad gave a message about the event on his site which is more than Spoony One did and it's what he should have. As you can see in the image below Ferreira attacked spoony as he will probably use this event as an excuse not to work, I don't condone his actions but what he said is probably true. Spoony has recently been padding out his commentaries even though they take zero effort to make and upload because he is lazy.
The thing is that he left his wife and family behind, if he got that far in life why would he commit suicide (With a Gun) so don't expect me or others to pity him for doing something this ignorant to what he had in life. Whatever reason he had cannot justify his actions.


  1. Aren't you going to hell, for judging, who is going to hell and who not? Besides, aren't you already going to hell, for calling Spoony an asshole etc? That's not very christian... Christians tend to help, to forgive each other, christians try to make things better... I don't think, you're doing anything better, then just whining about it...

    Be not judges of others, and you will not be judged. Matthew 7

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  3. "That's not very christian... Christians tend to help, to forgive each other, "
    Except on Sunday. If you do anything on it then you will get stoned to death cause God says so.

    "Be not judges of others, and you will not be judged"
    Except God who, if you judge him, then you are a monster for questioning his objective moral system.

    "all those who kill themselves go to hell and that's a fact"
    I will not take anything in Religion as fact if i were you, let alone objective and non contradictory:

    Just say that he is an asshole for committing suicide and leaving his family alone without any help in life and done. Do not involve religion into this cause you are all going to lose.

    Unless you say he is a coward because he didn't "shut up and deal with it like a man", implying that a man has no excuse to die because he is a man and thats what they should do. Period

    1. I know what I said was insensitive but he should have never done it, that's really it as we shouldn't get into arguments about this. Im wasn't attacking him but just stating my opinion, im sorry if I offended anyone.

    2. Kind of got the feeling you have strong emotional feelings on the subject, which is why I didn't freak out and I'm not going to, even if I disagree. I said my peace on that in reply to the epic backlash you got on the YT video.I think it's big of you to apologize though. PS. Imagine my surprise that my tweet is in that screen shot. Do I have your blessing to discuss that etc in my humble nerdy blog? I'll send you a link to it once it's done, and if you can troll away at me

    3. Well it's just my personal thoughts but yea I don't approve of it, go ahead and talk about it if you want to. I'll wait for that link anyway so good luck.

    4. I hope to have it out before Monday. Got me the damned flu bug. I am not going to bash on you, though I may discuss the topic in general and how people comment vile things to people on the internet etc, which you have experienced too, as I have seen. Thanks man

    5. You really haven't got much perspective on those who have depression do you