Thursday, 2 January 2014

Spoony One Failed to get FF13 Part 6 Done by New Years

It's just sad at this point, I mean really he can't even manage to get the review out after this supposedly 16 hours he put into editing the video. Last time he said he was working for 16 hours so why is it the same number again or is he just making shit up trying to fool us into thinking he is putting effort into his videos. The last review was a months old video he forgot to upload in October and we know this because he teased us it then as if it was finished during October.
Other than to inform you spoony didn't make it here is a bunch of junk from spoony's twitter that you may want to see. You may also have noticed that spoony has changed his twitter avatar again. It also seems that some asshole on something awful starting talking about this blog as im getting alot of traffic coming from there but I can't even see what they are saying because it's behind a pay wall.

Twitter Update
Spoony has been lashing out on his twitter like an idiot attacking games and people alike,  he doesn't like Halo which makes him the biggest idiot of all time unless he's talking about Halo 4 then I can agree.
Spoony mentions a Youtuber and started to badmouth him but then he took notice and striked back.
Spoony missed midnight and got owned.
Spoony missed the new years deadline but said he was sorry....... awwww yes pity him.
Spoony got owned..... again and tweets from Gel Boar assaulting the idiot himself.
The idiot has started making excuses that after effects has stopped working, so he wasn't anywhere near finishing the video.
He has got to be the biggest idiot on the planet, he thought that Dubai was in India......... exactly.

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