Friday, 31 January 2014

The Aftermath of Jew Wario's Death

I was gonna type this up a few days ago but a few problems occurred, for those of you who want to listen to my story continue reading for for those who want what this title is about then skip ahead. This isn't for you to feel sorry for me or whatever your want to think, it's just the reason why this was sort of delayed as I want to share it with you guys. Nothing more, nothing less.

Recently I applied for a retail assistant at a recruitment agency (Yes I am unemployed actively seeking work), when I arrived I told them so and I got past the first round interview and onto the second. The next day we got sent out half way across the city to observe door to door salesmen (For 5-6 Hours) who accompanied us, I applied for a retail assistant but this happened for some reason but I was ready to take anything so I took down notes, observed how it all operated and the experience was good.

They offered me the job and I happily accepted, the next day was my first training day in where I learned the ropes of the trade for an our or two and then again was sent off to observe more door to door sales. I did that for 4-5 hours (Meant to Finish by 9:00 that day and again only learned after I was out there) and asked what hours am I working and on what's days, what words I received next struck a dagger in my heart. I was told that I was too work 6 days a week Monday-Saturday with work hours from 11:30 am to 9:00 pm being paid by commission, that right there shocked me. I knew how I would be paid but I was never told my hours or workdays and what the job required was too much for me so I told them half way through the first training day that I am reconsidering the job and left. Days of hell, I was tired and bombed out afterwards and thus this post was pushed back not that anyone cares but there you have it. Now onto the topic at hand.

The Aftermath of Jew Wario's Death
It has been a while since he has departed and many people paid their respects faithfully towards him like The Game Chaser's, for the purpose of this blog im only gonna talk about those internet reviewers that I myself know as I don't watch much of them overall. I also want to get things straight, I don't hate or dislike Justin Carmical and I only know him from The Game Chaser videos. Nothing more nothing less, he seemed to be a happy friendly guy but what happened. I think that his personal project Kamen Rider didn't kick off as he needed money and help to get it off the ground, I know that from when The Game Chaser's brought it up in a video. I believe that this what was involved in making him do it, that's my thoughts on what happened.

This is how you send off a friend, this was more than either Cinema Snob, Angry Joe or Spoony One did because they just pretended to be his friend because they never promoted him when he was alive. Im more talking about Angry Joe/Spoony One as it seems Cinema Snob was greatly shocked by what happened.

Angry Joe
It's unbelievable what he did, Angry Joe forced out false tears while looking off screen to read a script. I noticed that myself and this guy right here points everything out and angry joe did monetize the video. I don't even have words to explain how wrong that was and Angry Joe denied it even though it's a fact and there is proof.

When Angry Joe did his tribute video people raged in the comments section and here is a bunch of them, also the twitter rage when he was confronted with it.


Yes messy indeed, this last one makes alot of sense of please read.

Meanwhile a fundraiser was started and I was shocked to notice this, they wanted to raise $850 so is that what his life was worth in damages. I don't think they should have ever done this, I know it's for a good cause but still.

Spoony One and Cinema Snob
Spoony quickly moved on and talked about wrestling meanwhile brad eats chicken, yes I did edit that for dramatic effect but you know what I mean. They just seemed to have moved on rather quickly for people in morning.
I just wanted to archive these events for future reference, nothing more nothing less.

In other News
Spoony puts off a video and brad tries because he is too lazy to create a new review.


  1. Good to see you quit your paying job so that you can get back to your real passion, trashing grieving people who actually do work for a living. Keep following your dream scumbag.

    1. "Work for a living" I nearly peed myself reading this.

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  4. Dude keep to what this site is made for, spoony bashing, because this whole blog post is the most loosely put together post I have ever seen, those comments you screen shot from the chat, are very disrspectful and dont show any light to your theory, just beceause he looks in the same spot doesnt mean hes reading a script. Also people morn in private, just because they mention it and don't mention again doesnt mean they didnt care.
    Also just because they havent meet in person alot doesnt mean they didnt talk via skype and other means.