Thursday, 28 August 2014

Counter Monkey – D&D 5th Edition Review (Part 1)

What an idiot, does he even know what he's talking about because he's coming off like a dumbass as usual. Just to make this clear, he hasn't even played the 5th Edition, he's judging it based on the pictures in the book. Even if he is giving it criticism he should label the video as a "first impression" since he's not even played it yet, that would be like someone "reviewing" Call of Duty without even playing it, I'm looking at you Pat the Nes Punk. Back to Spoony, he is a total retard when he talks about this since he's complaining like a child, his main gripe throughout this entire video is that the pictures don't look the same since they're drawn by different people. He act's like the art should be the same even though it's drawn by different people so why the hell would the pictures have the same art style. He gives this explanation in the video, and yet he still complains.

God damn, cut that hair you molester
He says that he's trying to spend "your" money properly, because he wants to create a background for his counter monkey video's, he wants to buy a castle backdrop which will cost over 1000 dollars. Even though that's probably bullshit since he's just pocketing the money to pay his bills, what a pathetic piece of shit. He also act's like he's some grizzled veteran with 50 years experience, talking about the "old days", he's just act's like that because being retro is niche and a hipster. Don't even watch the video, as usual his opinion holds no weight.

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  1. dude has over a month of no vids now while raking in like 5k per month? This is sick man those people paying must be braindead sheep idiots. Are they even pissed off now or dont they even mind spoony using their money for one thing only? Whiping his ass?!

    Btw I love your little rants hehe please also start a blog on the fat fuck sellout: jimquisition