Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Spoony One's Patreon Account

Support his Patreon, yeah right, the only thing I'd support right now is a Space Marine or a Super Mutant giving Spoony the fisting he deserves. But that's not what I'm here to talk about, I'm here to mention all those retards that are giving him 4,000 dollars plus every month! Even though the point of his Patreon was for him to make better videos and to actually put effort into them since he's getting payed. But he just sits there giving everyone the finger but all those idiots keep giving him money, and what's even sadder is that his Patreon money has went up an extra 66 dollars since the start of this month.

For his stupid big trouble in little china video he spent a ton of money buying an old computer and the game, and god knows what other crap he spent his money on instead of the show, probably a bunch of used sex toys that he shoves in his ass. And another matter I would like to address is his stupid wrestling video's, who the hell cares about his opinion, it's like watching Pat the Nes punks wrestling videos. Just stop with the shit and give us something worth a damn!


  1. he is already coming up with excuses why he isnt doing shit with the money in his latest vid, pathetic...