Tuesday, 26 August 2014

What you didn't know about Spoony

Ewww, Spoony chugged some of Linkara's magical elixir
Welcome one and all to the internet freak show that is the Spoony One aka Noah Antwiler. Here you will find some facts that you may or may not know about him, so bring on the monkeys.
  • He is / may be a Jew due to the fact he has a large nose
  • He started Patreon to pay for his Animu girlfriends hair dye
  • During a game of truth or dare he was dared to blow Linkara, suffice to say he lost.
  • He got his brother to point his police issued gun at a fan at his old house
  • Nostalgia Critic was considering to let Spoony back on TGWTG because he thought he would commit suicide like Jew Wario
  • Spoony's ex screwed a bunch of fans at a convention 
  • Has Type 2 Bi-polar takes medicine to cope
  • April was rumored to be fucking a black dude
  • Was nearly sent to rehab after overdosing on medication
  • Was nearly murdered in 2004 due to gambling debts
  • Is a poser
  • Doesn't know shit about video games
  • He is not funny
  • Killed a friend by making him eat pizza that was behind a toilet for 3 months, yes this actually happened and he admitted it during a counter monkey

Now you sort out the facts between the fiction, have fun.


  1. holy shit in what counter monkey did he admit to murder?!

    1. The very first one, though the guy didn't die but he was still put into the hospital.

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    1. What are you talking about, most of this info is true.