Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Black Hole of Board Games - Viewer's Choice 2

Wow, I didn't expect this, he put out a genuinely funny video. I'll keep this short since I actually liked the video, so let's begin. The video is basically him showing clips from vcr games that he wants to review, but he needs our help to decide which one he should do. Though everybody is screaming for Rap Rat so hopefully that's what he'll do, the poll ends at the end of this month so he better not be sitting on his ass and not working on the video in the meantime. And since none of the comments are constructive criticism there won't be any in this post. Though I've got to wonder, is he like this now because he understands that the only thing keeping him going is the Paetron fund?


  1. this asshole is not going to do any work before the poll ends right? What a lazy gaylord (yes april is a man)

  2. Dude totally lost it... Does he seriously think he can get on Jimmy Fallon. Its a retarded show, true. Spoony is retarded, true....

    But this still is the most insane idea ANYONE EVER HAD!!! What a fucking arrogant prick ignoring his fans, being a lazy fuck and then thinking oh lets abuse my fans to try and get on jimmy fallon. WHAT A COCKSUCKER!