Sunday, 26 October 2014

Spoony: The Motion Picture?

Spoony counting how many different fluffer jobs he has.

I can't believe this, he reached the movie goal. Not only are the guys over at Paetron idiots, they are fucking retarded to be giving some ADHD spastic 5K a fucking month. But enough of that he was a movie to make which will probably come out sometime in the Year 40K where Spoony will be a God encased in Gold worshiped by all. Wait that's War hammer 40K, anyway never mind he's just gonna use this to push back his video's even more. Pathetic...

Apparently he has a lot of footage but hasn't had time to edit it, he's lying out of his ass as usual because he's a coward and he can't face the truth that he's a lazy bastard. He wants to do more counter monkey's and wrestling video's even though it's only him in front of a camera, that literally takes no effort. He say's he been looking for an editor to edit his footage for him and that's what is keeping him back but he has other priorities which basically mean's he's jacking off to Chinese cartoon's all day. That or being pummeled by two 10 foot black guys with 2 meter wieners, we all know it's true that his real job is a fluffer.

He's going through this entire thing like he's holding himself together with medication, what other reason is there for him being so calm in his recent video's. He said "April say's he's a control freak when it comes to editing", but we all know he's a control freak all the time. Card's against Humanity, I can't believe he brought this up, he say's he's recorded hours of footage but he needs to cut it down to a watchable length. He doesn't have a job so what the hell is he doing all day, being strangled in the shower by April?

He said he's gonna have a video up by Halloween but only time will tell if he actually does it, but we all know the end result will be this:

Anyway, let's get away from that bizarre creation and take a gander at the comments section on his website instead of YouTube because he banned comments on this video on YouTube.

Can you believe in this?
Yeah, like we'll ever since the movie in our lifetime.
But don't you remember? It's in the render queue.

And I put more effort into this post than Spoony has on any of his video's this year, and I'm not even being payed for it. This guy is as trustworthy as a Japanese Otaku, but will shit all over you but only one will not steal your change.


  1. Im done with this asshole, he is just a con artist and if I ever see him in real life Ill bash his fucking face in

    1. I know how you feel, he's got that shit eating grin on his face half the time, and he's just pretending he's actually working on stuff because there can't be much stopping him since he doesn't have a job.

  2. Theres just NO POSSIBLE WAY he works from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed with the output that he has. No. Fucking. Way. And he only shits all over his fans' intelligence by asserting that he does.

    And thats the problem - not his actual (lack of) output but the constant excuses he makes about it. JonTron only puts a video out every month or so but does he have the same bitter, love-hate relationship with his fanbase as Spoony? NO. Because he doesn't constantly bullshit his fans into expecting his work pace to change anytime soon.

    1. Spoony is just a lazy shit, he always has been. He's just taking the Patreon money and giving everyone the middle finger while saying sorry. And you know what, the fans keep coming back every time he makes an excuse, they just accept it.

  3. It's obvious that Patreon saw the AVGN movie and then decided to convince Spoony to claim a slice of the "web personality-based movie" pie.

  4. I just heard it was going to be tranny porn featuring spoony and april

  5. He will make something like "Human Spider" on an long Weekend (Everything filmed inside, cause it will be Winter) together with his friends. Or he will wait for Summer before he starts filming.

    As RPG (Shadowrun) Player i think that he pulled most of his RPG Storys out of his ass. And i won´t talk about his Vampire LARP Storys. PLayers like "Mad Mike" and "Vegan Steve" should be easy to find in our time. But there is no trace from any "Friend" from old times. Spoony was likeley some loner with no friends to play.

    This guy is a scam, and i am happy to say, that i use Add Block for all his videos. I liked Spoonys older stuff, but every time he has a girlfriend, his work goes to shit.

    And it´s time for an update on this blog. He did nothing for helloween........he didn´t move a finger even after his Patreon went crazy.

    (On a side note, you didn´t cover the "hacking" of his user poll.

  6. oh yeah he just makes up 75% of the counter monkey stuff

  7. Well, I am reading the comments on Spoonys "Spoony: The Motion Picture?" -Patreonupdate, and by the looks of it it seems that the "Donators" start to realise that they are been fooled. It´s about time.