Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Black Hole of Board Games – Nightmare: Back in the Hole

Finally the long wait is over...Spoony released a video and it's good. I actually didn't expect to like it. I'll just bullet point what he did wrong and what he did right and how he could have improved the video since he does fail in some aspects. Ahem...

  • He covered multiple games in one video even though he should have did separate video's
  • He took over a month to put out this video
  • Was the poll rigged to begin with or did he want to get the nightmare games out of the way because I still don't see Rap Rat
  • He skipped over a lot of footage from the board games
  • This video was probably filmed at Halloween because he has cobwebs in the background
  • It's nice to see him actually explain how the board games work and how they suck
  • He didn't show the Baron dancing scene
  • The cosplay segments were well done

With that out of the way let's look at some comments:

So much truth in this post.
Not seeing it Bro.
Ah, never again...
Verdict: Good video.

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  1. you thought this was good???
    Might have to start a CiaranHillockSucks.blogspot just for that lol