Friday, 31 January 2014

The Aftermath of Jew Wario's Death

I was gonna type this up a few days ago but a few problems occurred, for those of you who want to listen to my story continue reading for for those who want what this title is about then skip ahead. This isn't for you to feel sorry for me or whatever your want to think, it's just the reason why this was sort of delayed as I want to share it with you guys. Nothing more, nothing less.

Recently I applied for a retail assistant at a recruitment agency (Yes I am unemployed actively seeking work), when I arrived I told them so and I got past the first round interview and onto the second. The next day we got sent out half way across the city to observe door to door salesmen (For 5-6 Hours) who accompanied us, I applied for a retail assistant but this happened for some reason but I was ready to take anything so I took down notes, observed how it all operated and the experience was good.

They offered me the job and I happily accepted, the next day was my first training day in where I learned the ropes of the trade for an our or two and then again was sent off to observe more door to door sales. I did that for 4-5 hours (Meant to Finish by 9:00 that day and again only learned after I was out there) and asked what hours am I working and on what's days, what words I received next struck a dagger in my heart. I was told that I was too work 6 days a week Monday-Saturday with work hours from 11:30 am to 9:00 pm being paid by commission, that right there shocked me. I knew how I would be paid but I was never told my hours or workdays and what the job required was too much for me so I told them half way through the first training day that I am reconsidering the job and left. Days of hell, I was tired and bombed out afterwards and thus this post was pushed back not that anyone cares but there you have it. Now onto the topic at hand.

The Aftermath of Jew Wario's Death
It has been a while since he has departed and many people paid their respects faithfully towards him like The Game Chaser's, for the purpose of this blog im only gonna talk about those internet reviewers that I myself know as I don't watch much of them overall. I also want to get things straight, I don't hate or dislike Justin Carmical and I only know him from The Game Chaser videos. Nothing more nothing less, he seemed to be a happy friendly guy but what happened. I think that his personal project Kamen Rider didn't kick off as he needed money and help to get it off the ground, I know that from when The Game Chaser's brought it up in a video. I believe that this what was involved in making him do it, that's my thoughts on what happened.

This is how you send off a friend, this was more than either Cinema Snob, Angry Joe or Spoony One did because they just pretended to be his friend because they never promoted him when he was alive. Im more talking about Angry Joe/Spoony One as it seems Cinema Snob was greatly shocked by what happened.

Angry Joe
It's unbelievable what he did, Angry Joe forced out false tears while looking off screen to read a script. I noticed that myself and this guy right here points everything out and angry joe did monetize the video. I don't even have words to explain how wrong that was and Angry Joe denied it even though it's a fact and there is proof.

When Angry Joe did his tribute video people raged in the comments section and here is a bunch of them, also the twitter rage when he was confronted with it.


Yes messy indeed, this last one makes alot of sense of please read.

Meanwhile a fundraiser was started and I was shocked to notice this, they wanted to raise $850 so is that what his life was worth in damages. I don't think they should have ever done this, I know it's for a good cause but still.

Spoony One and Cinema Snob
Spoony quickly moved on and talked about wrestling meanwhile brad eats chicken, yes I did edit that for dramatic effect but you know what I mean. They just seemed to have moved on rather quickly for people in morning.
I just wanted to archive these events for future reference, nothing more nothing less.

In other News
Spoony puts off a video and brad tries because he is too lazy to create a new review.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Justin “Jew Wario” Carmical Dead at 42

Nobody who commits suicide deserves respect, I know im gonna get hate for this but it's the truth. He isn't going to heaven, all those who kill themselves go to hell and that's a fact. Im not the only one saying this as there are many others, people tend to only say good when someone die's as if you mention anything negative even if it's the truth your an ignorant bastard.

Cinema Snob, Spoony One and everyone else is saying goodbye and due to them personally knowing him they don't want to say wrong and I understand that. Noah Antwiler said that he doesn't know what to do but Brad gave a message about the event on his site which is more than Spoony One did and it's what he should have. As you can see in the image below Ferreira attacked spoony as he will probably use this event as an excuse not to work, I don't condone his actions but what he said is probably true. Spoony has recently been padding out his commentaries even though they take zero effort to make and upload because he is lazy.
The thing is that he left his wife and family behind, if he got that far in life why would he commit suicide (With a Gun) so don't expect me or others to pity him for doing something this ignorant to what he had in life. Whatever reason he had cannot justify his actions.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Final Fantasy XIII – Part 3 (Commentary)

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the ugliest fuck of them all
Well it's seems that the dirty bastard has final put out the next part after 6 days of waiting, well what was he doing between then and now. Live streaming  useless shit nobody cares about on twitch tv of course, that and jerking off to Japanese Porn. No wait why did I put that image in your head, everybody on deviant art will be all over that soon enough.

Spoony doesn't really talk about much in this video, he complains that the games main fault is the way the story is told. Say's that nobody likes the game and that few people stand up for it and how awesome his video editing skills were, that's basically what takes up the bulk of this video. There was something else near the end of the video he said but I can't seem to remember, anyhow to the criticism. Again spoony is retreading old ground that he covers in this video, he admits that and moves onto saying that "nobody likes the game and that few people stand up for it". I would have to disagree here as he is so delusional, what about the 7-8 Million people who bought the game and all the good critical ratings it got when the game came out....... exactly.

For a large bulk of the video spoony talks about that he had to do this and that while editing trying to stress the effort he put into the video and little to nobody notices. He then mentions Mr can't spell his own name Doug Waker and compares the similarities that they both have to do. Alright I understand that editing isn't as simple as some people think but the way spoony puts it he acts like it's the most stressful task possible when it's not as hard as he puts it out to be. That's really it, I don't remember him talking about much other than those three things.

Video Link

In other News
Some weird search keywords have popped up in my blogger and it scars the hell out of me, the words circled in red explains it all.
There's some sick people in this world, that and benzaie naked ewww
Spoony bans some more of his fans.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Final Fantasy XIII – Part 2 (Commentary)

At least he is putting these up regularly as it will give us something to watch but when will he actually get back to reviewing as he is really lazy. Im just saying and I know he just finished FF13 so it will take some time before he gets back into things. During this video he random media inserts appear on screen and spoony say's "random stuff" because he himself didn't know why he is doing all that.

He talks about the pixel art in the background and explains how they got there and how he created them, I don't really care much for that but at least we have an explanation. After that he then explains that MD Geist joke and talks about where that joke came from, he rambles on long about this complaining that there wasn't much anime to get in the early/mid 90's....... even though there was a shit ton to choose from as anime was a big thing even back then so he probably has no clue what he was talking about.
Next he says that the worst characters are hope and vanille (Even though more people said Fang rather than Hope but whatever) and that people say he is whinny but spoony defends him saying his mother just died, yes correct and he's right. After he then complains that "nobody else other than Hope has a character arc", he doesn't have a clue what he is talking about as the entire game builds up each character with flashbacks showing you how they have changed from events so he's wrong there. He probably takes arc as whinny to not whinny, see change even though that's overly simplifying it. Most of this video was him talking about the above and he did drag it out..... alot.

Video Link

In other News
It appear's more of his videos are getting flagged.
Spoony One and Cinema Snob Crossover...... ewwww.
Spoony can't buy new camera because money is tight...... awww but what about all that money he makes of his videos that sustain his life.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Final Fantasy XIII – Part 1 (Commentary)

Dear god is this guy an idiot, he still acts like a moron while talking about the game like some delusional retard who actually believes the wrong he is saying. I mean seriously he has a major problem, is this also what he will be putting up for updates because this only takes as much effort as long as he records his voice. He again calls it the worst game he has ever played...... then he must have played only a few games because this is actually a good game and if he wants to understand pain then let him play The Last Remnant and then he can come back and see which is worse.
Stupid Fucking Game
Spoony nitpicks at everything again like the spas he is, he says "all these words are very alien to me" and that he doesn't understand what is going on and that's the games main fault that it can't tell a story properly. That's really stupid to say as your meant to reach the end and then you'll understand what is going on, also your obviously alien to these new words because you've only started playing it retard. You could do this to any game and be like what's reach, what's the covenant...... grrr why doesn't this game spell out everything when they bring it up and spoon feed me. He insists that you always need the new guy character who is new to all of this to give exposition, if they did it like that then that would be poor storytelling because why explain it when you can think about it for yourself which allows you to engage yourself with the game. 
The info is in the datalogs just like Mass Effect where you can read about background culture and lore for stuff they mention in the games for stuff they do and don't explain because you know that's how you do it and not what this idiot expects. Spoony again complains about the gravcon and says "I didn't notice it was broken and she only tried it twice and gave up"......... she gave up because it was broken you moron. Why can't he see what is is front of his eyes, it also explains that it broke in the datalogs. I'll just mention this last thing as alot of which he complains I already covered in my criticism of his review over a year ago which you can find here.

The worst thing is he complained about is the music, he says why doesn't the music in the game reflect instruments that they would use in their own world...... who the fuck complains about something as pointless as this. I mean really at this stage he's just making an idiot of himself even more than last time, do we also have to see these instruments being played in this verse now just to let us know they exist. That just really pissed me off and to make it worse he says "I don't even know if im making sense" and there you have it, that pretty much sums up his entire review of the game. He himself doesn't know what he is saying because he isn't making any sense and what he say's isn't true.

Video Link

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Final Fantasy XIII – Part 6

After days of waiting he finally got it done, the sad story of this video is that it was also filmed back in October so again we are watching a months old video. The other sad part is that he said he was gonna get both videos done by the end of last year and he got one done but said that he was pushing it to get the video done but failed to do so. It gets worse as even though he pushed to get it done and failed he still had days of work to do so why didn't he tell us the truth because he knew he wouldn't get it done but hey he said sorry that he didn't get it done by new years so we can forgive him..... right.
Fuck No
It seems that spoony is using JWPlayer as his new video player and god is it awful, it works even worse than blip as the video kept crashing while I was watching. Anyway to the actual video, he starts the review right where he left off the last and immediately starts ranting after the anime wannabee intro. Spoony references why does god need a star ship from a shitty star trek movie and god was it awful.

He starts to attack the combat system and says that at least in FF10 you had to figure out a pattern to take out your enemy while in FF13 you don't...... umm wrong. It's not that obvious in FF13 as you only use the auto attack when you have info on the enemy because if you don't you'll need to figure our it's weakness through using a variety of attacks so your an idiot spoontard. He says that manually doing it is a waste of time even though I actually used it quite frequently as some moves increase the stagger more than what the auto chooses for you.
At the end boss spoony complains that the fight is too easy and you only need to use army of one in order to win, wrong again because spoony grinded in order to get army of one to that level of effectiveness. I have played the game and I barley used that move because it wasn't useful and multiple regular attacks did more damage compared to the time spent using that one single move.
Later on in the upgrading tree it must become stronger and that means you grind your way there which spoony must have did even though he skipped over the grinding of gran pulse which he didn't cover. We can tell this as his characters stats were higher than average during the final battle, the battle would have been tougher as it was for me because I played the game and enjoyed it rather than grinding and farming like no tomorrow. You shouldn't play games that way as you'll just force yourself the hate the game due to the hours and hours on end of grinding.
They beat the boss and suddenly most of the gang turn into monsters causing Fang to transform into Ragnarok which is what bartantedus wants but it turns out that this was an illusion meant to force her to destroy him and you can tell that from playing the game but no Spoony rants on this and says what the hell happened they were dead and says "friendship bullshit" even though at that point in the game and even in the footage he showed lighting says falcie smoke and mirrors which means that didn't happen. He is just trolling the game as he has been doing since day one and it's just pathetic, can't he just give us his actual opinion on a game truthfully rather than making up stupid reasons to hate it. 
Free monster porn
Barthandelus dies and cocoon starts to fall and before we see what happens spoony rants saying "thanks snow you just killed millions of people" and if he just waited a second he would see that fang and vanille transform into Ragnarok and save cocoon from falling. He also says duh how do they do that even though they have done it before in the past and you know that from playing the game because they fucking tell you..... god is this guy an idiot. He also never talked about the games narrative flashing back and forward between the past and present which is interesting in itself as we get to see who they were before and how these characters have developed over the course of the game. This is a core piece of the storytelling in this game and he never talked about it.

He ends the review up a horrible sketch where spoony gets the beating he deserves, snow enters his house and starts to beat the shit out of spoony while quoting the game but spoony fights back by ripping off road house. They reenact the scene from the game where snow hangs his jacket out and it gets shot to pieces although snow isn't covered in bandages but wearing a shirt probably because he didn't want people to see his man tits and beer gut and yes that is cinema snobs friend playing snow. That again backs up the time when this was filmed and that was probably around the same time as that justin bieber video they did together. After this fiasco we can hear a voice clip from Advent Children so I guess that's next, he's gonna troll it like a retard isn't he. I almost didn't recognize Brian since he has shaved his face since the last time I saw him, cinema snob also posted this video on his site since Brian appeared in it.
Spoony cut alot of this game out as there is a shit ton he never talked about even though he has reviewed this over a year so why didn't he, probably because he never played the game and just reviewed it off Sean Fausz's game play footage thinking that nobody has played the game and wouldn't object to what he says it is but guess what...... we did as myself and others have criticized him for it. It's just shows how big on an idiot and ignorant he is. 
Throughout the review he keeps picking at the data logs acting like the game should spell every little detail to you, here's an example in Mass Effect an asair says by the goddess and that's a reference to their culture and they don't tell you what it is because you guessed it datalog. FF13 isn't the only game that does this dumb ass so stop acting like this is your first encounter. Spoony also never showed or talked about vanilles flashback where she comes out of her crystal nude only covered by a very bright light, he should have mentioned this and talked about how the Japanese like em young because you know they're a bunch of fucking pedophiles.

Constructive criticism doesn't get any better than this, I have painstakingly fought back against his criticism of this game because I know what he is doing. He always says that he goes into something with an open mind not wanting to hate it but that's a lie because he always does. I hope you have enjoyed my fight back against this prick across all the posts about him because he seriously deserves it, I'll see you next time when this guys again does something stupid.

Video Link
Asshole hasn't uploaded to YouTube yet and probably won't due to copyright because he only cares about the money.

The cheap bastard actually did upload to YouTube the other day so yippee, now you can watch the video without it stuttering every two seconds.
I'll fix this up and add more pictures to this tomorrow as his new video player is messing up real badly but for now enjoy heaps of text.

In other News
Spoony one admits he is a gay faggot.
He actually got this review done days after he was supposed to.
The freak himself really needs his hentai, then he must have been the one searching FF13 porno's.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Spoony One Failed to get FF13 Part 6 Done by New Years

It's just sad at this point, I mean really he can't even manage to get the review out after this supposedly 16 hours he put into editing the video. Last time he said he was working for 16 hours so why is it the same number again or is he just making shit up trying to fool us into thinking he is putting effort into his videos. The last review was a months old video he forgot to upload in October and we know this because he teased us it then as if it was finished during October.
Other than to inform you spoony didn't make it here is a bunch of junk from spoony's twitter that you may want to see. You may also have noticed that spoony has changed his twitter avatar again. It also seems that some asshole on something awful starting talking about this blog as im getting alot of traffic coming from there but I can't even see what they are saying because it's behind a pay wall.

Twitter Update
Spoony has been lashing out on his twitter like an idiot attacking games and people alike,  he doesn't like Halo which makes him the biggest idiot of all time unless he's talking about Halo 4 then I can agree.
Spoony mentions a Youtuber and started to badmouth him but then he took notice and striked back.
Spoony missed midnight and got owned.
Spoony missed the new years deadline but said he was sorry....... awwww yes pity him.
Spoony got owned..... again and tweets from Gel Boar assaulting the idiot himself.
The idiot has started making excuses that after effects has stopped working, so he wasn't anywhere near finishing the video.
He has got to be the biggest idiot on the planet, he thought that Dubai was in India......... exactly.