Sunday, 26 October 2014

Spoony: The Motion Picture?

Spoony counting how many different fluffer jobs he has.

I can't believe this, he reached the movie goal. Not only are the guys over at Paetron idiots, they are fucking retarded to be giving some ADHD spastic 5K a fucking month. But enough of that he was a movie to make which will probably come out sometime in the Year 40K where Spoony will be a God encased in Gold worshiped by all. Wait that's War hammer 40K, anyway never mind he's just gonna use this to push back his video's even more. Pathetic...

Apparently he has a lot of footage but hasn't had time to edit it, he's lying out of his ass as usual because he's a coward and he can't face the truth that he's a lazy bastard. He wants to do more counter monkey's and wrestling video's even though it's only him in front of a camera, that literally takes no effort. He say's he been looking for an editor to edit his footage for him and that's what is keeping him back but he has other priorities which basically mean's he's jacking off to Chinese cartoon's all day. That or being pummeled by two 10 foot black guys with 2 meter wieners, we all know it's true that his real job is a fluffer.

He's going through this entire thing like he's holding himself together with medication, what other reason is there for him being so calm in his recent video's. He said "April say's he's a control freak when it comes to editing", but we all know he's a control freak all the time. Card's against Humanity, I can't believe he brought this up, he say's he's recorded hours of footage but he needs to cut it down to a watchable length. He doesn't have a job so what the hell is he doing all day, being strangled in the shower by April?

He said he's gonna have a video up by Halloween but only time will tell if he actually does it, but we all know the end result will be this:

Anyway, let's get away from that bizarre creation and take a gander at the comments section on his website instead of YouTube because he banned comments on this video on YouTube.

Can you believe in this?
Yeah, like we'll ever since the movie in our lifetime.
But don't you remember? It's in the render queue.

And I put more effort into this post than Spoony has on any of his video's this year, and I'm not even being payed for it. This guy is as trustworthy as a Japanese Otaku, but will shit all over you but only one will not steal your change.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Do Not Game - Dig the Black Hole all the way to the Tonight Show

I think he's finally gone off the deep end, if you think one person being unfunny is just sad, two is just as bad. He wants to be on the Tonight Show, I mean really...does he actually think he has a shot of getting on there? If so, should we root him on to see if he actually does get on TV so the entire world can see how big of an asshole he is? I say yes because what's the harm in trying, that and I want to see how he get's owned by a terrible professional comedian. Let's get this done guys, spread the links and the spice must flow!

He's got a good point
Captain Obvious
It's weird seeing that most of the comments are pro Spoony getting on the tonight show
Ewww, gross dude, you've got some problems

Well I wonder if they'll even consider him, but in the meantime he better be working on his next video instead of thinking about stuff that will never happen.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Black Hole of Board Games - Viewer's Choice 2

Wow, I didn't expect this, he put out a genuinely funny video. I'll keep this short since I actually liked the video, so let's begin. The video is basically him showing clips from vcr games that he wants to review, but he needs our help to decide which one he should do. Though everybody is screaming for Rap Rat so hopefully that's what he'll do, the poll ends at the end of this month so he better not be sitting on his ass and not working on the video in the meantime. And since none of the comments are constructive criticism there won't be any in this post. Though I've got to wonder, is he like this now because he understands that the only thing keeping him going is the Paetron fund?