Thursday, 15 January 2015

Counter Monkey – The Dirtiest Book in the Game

Well it looks like the monkey has struck again, and this time with more childishness than ever. He's checking out "The Book of Erotic Fantasy", and that's pretty much all you need to know. He basically goes through most of the book while laughing at stupid stuff like a schoolgirl, though he does do the book justice in some parts of the video but most of them are lost since it gets lost in his nonsensical ramblings. To make it even worse it's split into two parts so you better use it as background noise because it'll be hard to watch it. And apparently his waifu was behind the camera the whole time and didn't' even make a peep, whatever we all know she's using him for the money.
Just look at this choad...
So what's the verdict on the snore fest, if you haven't already watched it that is. It's bad, just stay away until he actually puts out a video that isn't over an hour of pure unedited video, but then again that's just how lazy he really is. And he also disabled comments for the unseen future, he probably believes that if he can't see the criticism then it doesn't exist. What an asshole, but luckily his Patreon is dropping so hopefully that should whip him into shape, though probably not.


  1. yeah this was lame, I was glad to see something else than wrestling but this was so childish, dumb and once again mostly just reading the book instead of coming up with scenarios with it or go in depth... Quite pathetic and dragging it out as well for the extra cash sigh, by now Im thinking half his patreon must be fake, they rig it so others will think wow he gets 4k per month then I can do 10 bucks as well! I think 3k must be sponsered by his masters for sure.

  2. sigh why do I get the feeling after 20 wrestle vids we will now get 20 crappy (made up nonsense) counter monkey "stories" ?