Thursday, 1 January 2015

Spoony One 2014 - Year in Review

Well this year has been the worst for internet "comedian" the Spoony One, not only has he failed to keep up with releasing video's, he has started a patreon account and he has only gotten lazier. Let's have a look of what he released this year:

Reviews: 10
Vlogs: 9
Wrestle Wrestle: 10
Counter Monkey: 7
Commentaries: 3
Other: 9

Total: 48

That's a total of 48 video's (not including split parts) that he did this year, and most of them were done at the start of this year, the simple fact is that since he started his patreon account in April he has had a slump in activity. This is probably because his fan's have been giving him thousands of dollars every month to just sit on his ass, and that's not including what little he get's from ad revenue and the storefront on his website. Not to mention that he had the gall to upload a video to his YouTube account that were over a year old and remastered, I see he's been taking lessons from the Irate Gamer. All in all, this has been the worst year for the Spoony One, with his failed promises and his laziness he has reached a new low in his internet popularity, and you can tell nobody cares about him when his Encyclopedia Dramatica in a while and most of the comments he get's now are people complaining. But then again he has always been a neckbeard in disguise, he's probably having a neckbeard New Year right about now.

Happy New Year


  1. Well, Spoony shut down the comments on his site.......fine stuff.

    1. Probably got fed up with everyone complaining.

    2. Complaining??! You mean rightfully demanding him doing what he keeps promosing time after time again?

  2. Now he's blocked all Youtube comments....


  4. You can still write comments in his forum....or "Fanboy-City" as i like to call it.