Sunday, 25 January 2015

Spoony One Removes Comments from Site

It look's like he got fed up with people complaining about his lack of activity and his video's in general, he closed the comments section a while ago though I thought it was only a temporary thing. But no, he's probably closed them for good. I don't know if people even talk on his website about this but I really couldn't care at this point, he'll wither and die at some point. The noose is tightening and it's only a matter of time, have a good day everyone.


  1. he just want people to go to youtube to post so he gets more hits and money there

    1. which is a bad thing btw not that you think im defending it

    2. These video's are marked as private or something, you can't comment on them. You can only watch embedded on his site.

    3. You guys are idiots... he closed his YouTube comments as well. As if he didn't, that would give him more money? Go read a book or something.