Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Counter Monkey – Where Have All the Lawful Goods Gone?

Wow, for once Spoony One is actually making some sense. If you can actually get through his ramblings he does bring up good points about the different character types. It's nice to see him put some thought into making a video for once instead of going on a wild tangent about something stupid, but this doesn't excuse him from being extremely lazy with his video output while still getting just under 5000 dollars from his Patreon account. Even though he did remove comments from his YouTube and his own website, those on Patreon can still comment on his posts. Let's have a look.

Yeah, Spoony put this video put a week early for Patreon members.

He'll just ban you like he does to everyone on Twitter.

Um, good point...I guess.

I doubt Spoony One could even comprehend that.


  1. You dont mind he already talked about this in basically every counter monkey before?
    Btw waffles arent dutch what an idiot lol

  2. Have you heard the rumor that april is cheating on spoony with tyrone and spoony is heavily going crazy again? (think scarlet)

    1. Yeah, I heard about that. I'll make a post about it. I told you it was true.