Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Massacre at Central High (Part 2)

After the last good video Spoony One, he once again disappoints us with a mediocre video. And taking into consideration that this video was meant to be out a couple of days later when it actually came out a week later. Even though he probably filmed both parts at the same but he probably thought that splitting it in two would make more money and video views. We can hereby conclude that he's a bloody idiot, if you didn't already know that.

Lets get to the actual video, its okay but you can tell he's starved for ideas since most of his jokes were lackluster. He also hammers in the "Spoony" character like its fucking comedic gold, that and he acts like that is him. His ego, drink and probably drug problems shine through as you can clearly see him acting like a complete retard while retaining a shred of dignity, if at all. And what the hell am I even saying, the video's bad and what more can I really say? You want a well thought out analysis of everything he said, go ask Linkara or one of his dick sucking fanboys. I'm outta here.


  1. When I saw it was something like 10 minutes long I was already insulted too much, it was a needless split into 2 vids and thus another big middlefinger to the fans. Why do i keep watching sigh

  2. Which one is uglier? Real spoony or central high spoony? Place your bets!