Sunday, 12 July 2015

12/07/2015 - Spoony's Twitter Madness

It thought it was about time to give Spoony the Twitter Madness treatment, let the show begin. I just can't stand that he posts about random comic shit, it's like there's some sad part of him that believes he's actually doing something constructive. And there's so much shit on his Twitter that it will be hard to cover, so I'll only be posting bits and pieces.

It's time to feel sorry for Spoony. It's time to shed man tears!

Holey moley, this is like something an insane guy would say.

I don't think anybody's listening Noah. 

Stop being a party pooper.

I refuse to believe this.

Don't forget that rape charge Spoony, we can't forget about that.

How can he call himself a WWE fan when he doesn't watch Smackdown?

This guy is one of Spoony's dick suckers, he's always there for his senpai when he needs to be blowed.

Check it out, Spoony's trying to hide his inner furry.


  1. don't look now but spoony put up a new video ! well worth the three thousand and five hundred bucks he gets a month !

  2. Didnt this fag promise to quit twitter? wtf...
    Also the counter monkeys are pure bullshit stories, everything that has a 0,000000000001% chance of happening "happens" in spoony's games (in his head yeah)

    I doubt he even plays d&d a lot because when he tried being a GM it was horrible.

    1. HAHAHA, Spoony quit twitter, that is a good one! Noah is too much of an attention whore to leave twitter. Even though it would probably help his mental issues, he doesn't want to "disappoint" his fans! We would miss out on his nonsensical ramblings about comic book characters! Or saying that he hates John Cena for the one billionth fucking time!!!

      And I agree, Spoony is a terrible DM, he said that if you tell a "bad joke" he would dock you XP or some other shit he has said. If you haven't seen this video, this will also expand on why he is would I would call an "Un-fun DM":

    2. omg that was truely pathetic

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.


      I mean really, have nothing fucking better to do than to complain about bees....

      Just shut the fuck up and listen to stream or make up your own shitty campaign that no one will play with you. Unless maybe you make your stupid fans pay for it in your failing Pateron, which sadly they probably will because they are shut in losers just like YOU!

  3. I sadly smell the desperation in him when he said he is posting new Counter Monkey episodes. Maybe its because he FINALLY noticed that his money amount on Pateron is slipping and maybe its actually time to post some fucking content for a change. Of course, him just spitting these things up quickly means he just going to burn out again and not post anything for another six months and cry "Its my bipolor, guys, fuck off."

    And yeah, looking at his latest twitter feeds, jesus fucking christ...its a bunch of nonsense! Does he think those were funny? More like it is showing that the dude has lost his ever loving mind. Also his wrestling shit is getting old where it is just "THIS SHIT SUCKS BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH" he just keeps repeating the same thing, over and over and OVER. If you are not enjoying it and have nothing new to say on it, just stop fucking watching it then! Same thing with his game reviews I'm sure, like with FFXIII-2, we know it sucks, its one of the most hated FF games out there. What could he possibly add that hasn't been already said? What, ,more stupid; pointless skits with Dr. Insano and friends? Fuck off....

  4. I just want to know who puts their hard earned money into his Pateron? retard or what…….

  5. "How can he call himself a WWE fan when he doesn't watch Smackdown?"
    Was that a joke? Many WWE fans don't watch SmackDown. Hell, I don't even watch RAW regularly anymore.

    1. I was literally about to say: "How can he call himself a WWE fan when he doesn't watch Smackdown?" Anyone who is a WWE fan could answer that question for you.