Sunday, 19 July 2015

19/07/2015 - Twitter Madness

Jesus, keeping track on the non-insane stuff on Spoony's Twitter sure is taxing, if not downright bonkers. There's literally so much stuff that even a brief summary would be pages, I'll be driven insane if I ever look at Spoony's Twitter again. Let's enjoy the suffering together.

There's tons more of this btw, Spoony is such a nerd. The kind that makes rape jokes.

He can't even do video games and he thinks he can cover politics.

Fuck me hard! He literally did over 50 jokes about the one fucking image, I'm serious, go over to his twitter and you'll see over 50 of these fucking images.

Insert your own joke here.

Vlog when? Oh wait he's got autism, leave him alone guys.

Can he get more retarded? 

This is only true if he's using windows 98, and I doubt it takes over a day to render a monkey sitting in front of a camera. 

Fuck this shit. #Killmenow

Who here is actually reading this shit?


  1. Reading Spoony's Twitter is a like a minefield for your brain...I mean talk about a total mental breakdown. And yeah I don't believe those stupid Counter Monkey episodes take so long to make, guess when he has to make up shit, I MEAN, recount his past sessions, perhaps it takes a bit.

  2. I wonder how anyone can view those counter monkeys and get anything out of it... might as well pick up and read a d&d book yourself...

    1. The best Counter Monkey was the "Squirt Gun Wars" (one of the first, if not the first), and that was mostly because of Oreo acting up throughout the whole video.

      (PS: Sorry if this is a double-post)

    2. That one was pure bullshit as well + I usually hate Orea in vids but thats because of spoony making Orea make noise with the squicky thing...

  3. And yeah I sure did expect a terminator or jurrasic park vlog because you know, the site is about his childhood getting ruined and these series started there right...
    Wasnt his tagline something like "because bad movies and games deserve to be hurt back" or something?? and not "lets tell nonsense d&d stories because Im pussywhipped"