Thursday, 16 July 2015

Counter Monkey - BABOON!!!

Another counter monkey, wake me up when it's an actual video worth watching. And for being a counter monkey, it's hard to tell if this even happened in the first place. Because it seems like he's pulling this story out of his ass. First of all he talks about his group doing random things such as getting pummeled by gorillas, splitting up and getting killed. Okay, but I need some questions answered:

  • When did this story happen
  • Who was he playing with
  • Where did this take place

Seriously, I highly doubt anything he says even happened. And he keeps shouting "don't split the party" like it was a punchline, yeah a shit one. Don't bother watching this one unless it's for background noise.


  1. To be fair, whenever my games involved the splitting up of parties...shit got real, and real ugly. Sorry man, I gotta be unbiased and give it a watch. I know, you warned me.

  2. This one is 100% bullshit but just wait until you get to the next one...
    If he seriously thinks anyone believes him when he has trouble remembering his character name like 4 times he is really retarded...
    With a good GM splitting up parties doesnt do shit btw

    It seems spoony just reads some of those d&d books and then when he reads a rule he goes into fantasy mode what crazy things could happen with it and then make up a story about how it happened in one of his games lol what a tool. I thought D&D nerds were smart, guess not if theyre fooled by this moron.

  3. Yeah obvious he's just making shit up now.

  4. spoony is making it up as he gos along,i gave up after 10 mins,boring,boring,boring...

    1. This sums it up on this channel, it's dull and boring to watch because it's not about anything related to video games.

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  6. Good lord...all of those glorious D&D books he has and they will probably never be used because no one and I MEAN NO ONE would want to play a campaign with him being the DM.

  7. "Don't split the party" is a pretty common joke/mantra among tabletop RPGers, so it's funnier if you're into those games.

  8. When did this story happen

    Irrelevant. Could have happened last year or when he was 10... or in between.
    Who was he playing with
    Good question. Could have been the guys he worked with at the store he was at. Or maybe some other real life friends. I play Pathfinder with friends I've made in various games and who I used to live near. Want their names? Billy, Bob and Ben. See, irrelevant info.

    Where did this take place
    Probably at his house or at someone else's house.... is this relevant?

    I get that this is supposed to be satire (I fucking hope so) but the above questions were so monumentally stupid that I can't fathom anyone being that retarded.