Friday, 24 July 2015

Counter Monkey – An Entirely Miscible Episode

Apparently this story he's telling this time is from when Spoony was 10 years old, remember that because he'll repeat it over and over because it was so damn funny the first time. I doubt this story even happened the way it did because how the hell can he remember how the story happened when he was 10 years old when it happened. Did he look back in time through a magic mirror? Did he borrow Linkara's time machine powered by Tyrone? Suffice to say, he's making up the entire thing.

Also apparently this is a "historic story" because it was during his first month into playing D&D with his brother and friends, and I wonder where they are all now, they're probably the drug dealers and doctors that keep the vessel known as Noah Antwiler alive, or most likely dead from being exposed to Spoony. Now let's get to what he named his character, he named him Lance Stormshield, wait for the laughter track, it'll come, has it come yet? That's basically the entire video, everything goes in one ear and out another because it's what you expect from the usual Counter Monkey. Peace out. Seriously only faggots and pseudo hipsters say that shit.


  1. Another entirely MISSABLE episode indeed

  2. The Spoony one sucks blog puts out more material than Spoony does !

  3. I like how Spoony is able to remember something from when he was 10 but says he has a bad memory and can't remember other things.

  4. "how the hell can he remember how the story happened when he was 10 years old when it happened"

    I have memories from as young as 3 and can remember trivial details from when I was 6. Remembering something from when you were 10 is pretty normal and if you can't... then it just means you're not normal.

    As for whether or not he's telling the truth... he COULD be... but I'm inclined to doubt. He has said his memory is bad but even then... a memory can be brought to the forefront of your mind by some kind of stimulation... So... it's possible to remember vaguely or remember something strongly and make a video about it.

    I could recount a time where I played Mortal Kombat with friends and remembered having music on the radio. I remember the exact music that was playing and can recall it in my head but can't for the life of me remember what it was called. I can recall exactly what fighter I was at any point in that couple of hours and who I was playing with but... fuck I can't remember that one piece of music playing!!!

    So yeah, it's possible he's telling the truth. Filling in the gaps maybe... or making it up for entertainment's sake. In the end it's irrelevant conjecture.

    1. I put in the description of the music into google and actually found it... Song from 98 called Feel it.

      I can remember stuff from much earlier but that was a strong memory that just came forth while writing that. I was 9 years old at that time. Weird shit to remember randomly.