Sunday, 26 July 2015

WrestleWrestle 7/21/15 - Battleground 2015

Jesus Christ vs Rawhead Rex, this video is almost as long as Battleground itself, it's literally autism itself. And AHHHH!! What the hell is that red explosion sitting beside Spoony, is that meant to be April's next look or something, people who change their hair color are only searching for an identity (special snowflake doesn't count) because they have none. I know how much of an asshole I sound like when I say that, but it's true and you know it. Rant aside, let's get to his actual video.

Spoony talking about how the wrestling's are literally fucking themselves, and two different fans did parts of his intro, showing again that he can't do anything himself with autism overload. I was actually going to write more but I can't be bothered to actually watch more than twenty minutes of this video, and if you actually did watch more than that or the full thing, the same message below applies to you.

There's only one thing I can say about Spoony at this point:

Seriously if you are going to watch it use adblock if don't already, better yet, just listen to viper and kill urself my man.


  1. was this the vid where they start with this is almost our 3 years aniversery?

    At first I thought it was kinda cute, well not really but at least it was something logical to mention.... but then...


    The way they say I love you to each other WHAT

    They say it like 11 year old children??? Are these people sick? Is this a fake relationship??? wtf was that?! o_0

  2. April fucked four niggers immediately after recording this.

  3. 5+ hour letsplays? is this dude retarded?

  4. Your writing is getting better. Keep up the bashing my man! Even if just for the satirical value.