Sunday, 28 June 2015

Spoony One's New House Costed 230,000

Someone over one the DeadHorseInterchangeable found out that Spoony spent 230,000 on his new house, and where the address of said house is. He probably saved up all that Patreon money to make a down payment.

And because since I'm an asshole and Spoony has this coming to him, I'll be posting his address and phone number below:

You can find the information here:

Have at him internet, send him to Hades. Or maybe we should swat his ass just like DSP, I'm looking at you 4chan, get on it.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Spoony One Tries Let's Plays

To date, Spoony One has done five live streams all of which are multiple hours long. Whether you would watch this is up to you, but one thing you can't ignore is that Noah is using this type of content instead of actually working on a video. I highly doubt his recent live streams of Final Fantasy 13-2 is gonna increase the chance of a review coming anytime soon, in fact it only gives him more reasons to be even more lazy and force people to donate and subscribe to his Patreon account for making the review get released. And if you thought that was bad you'd like to know that Spoony hasn't even bothered to update his website or Patreon page, mostly likely because he already knows how much people hate his guts and the realization that said people would hate his guts even more if they knew he was making more crap content.

Yeah, I bet Spoony makes that face everytime he realizes his Patreon money is going down. 
Another thing I'd like to mention is that these let's plays are terrible, mostly because he barely talks and anytime he does talk it's either him bitching/moaning about his inability to play a video game or him banning someone. With Noah's reputation at an all time low he shouldn't be doing this unless he wants people to hate his ass anymore, I really wish he would stop doing this (and making shitty videos) because it's just sad at this point. In fact, he should take his ass off the internet because he's a fucking blight that needs to be removed.