Sunday, 18 October 2015

Counter Monkey – What’s an Anti-Paladin?

Ahhhh, god fucking damn it, why the hell does he keep doing these. I literally have no clue what the hell he's talking about, it's like totally random, I bet you he's making this up all on the spot after taking a look at the book. Well, that's what you would think if you couldn't make sense of Spoony's rambling. But if you are insane like me, then you'd understand that Spoony does know what he's talking about. Wut? What insanity is this? Complementing Noah the Jew himself? Yes, but whatever it's just another Counter Monkey video and you know what to expect based on the title of the video. Watch or don't watch, and be sure to make sure Spoony hears all your problems on his Twitter or his Patreon account. Whatever, I'm out of here, later.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Did Spoony One back up all his video's after Blip's downfall?

To save you from reading a long post, the answer is fucking NO! There are huge freaking holes on his website and you can't even watch a lot of his old video's, the video's are either gone or he hasn't mirrored/updated his website with the new uploads. But this is Noah we are talking about, he won't do anything unless Twitter shuts down or people stop giving him money on his Patreon account. News at 11. What do you guys think about this?

WrestleWrestle – Night of Champions (2015)

Well, Spoony is looking more healthy so we can rule out his health stopping him from making proper videos. Though the real reason he's so freaking lazy is because he realized that retards on the internet can rake in thousands of dollars for doing fucking nothing, ie: Patreon. April the anime character changed her hair color again, looks like she's searching for an identity, hiooooooo! Let me remind you that this video is 1 hour and 10 mins long, just like every vlog type video it's tedious as fuck. And for some weird reason they like Neville, even though he's been bad since he moved from NXT. Though Spoony does make a good "feed me roids" joke, I'll give him that.

He also has some weird obsession with Naomi's butt, he keeps mentioning that she hits you in the face with her ass over and over. At one point April makes good point about characters being ruined when they move to raw, which is true. But overall both of them are pretty worthless as it's two plebs sitting on a couch talking about wrestling when they should be doing better things.

In other news:
Counter Monkey – 3d6 in Order

  • He calls the audience cowards

Asshole Spoony is asking for it at this point, ddos and swat his house now or the poverty ghost will get you.