Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Spoony One is a liar

He's literally crying a river to his fans about how he's finding it hard, this sack of shit is just trying to garner sympathy for his dumb fans who give him money. Btw his Patreon is at 2,300 dollars a month, what a luck piece of shit. I mean there's people who actually work for a living and get way less than this, me included, yet Spoony get's it all and doesn't even do anything outside of post rants on Twitter. Anyway this post is about the crap he's spouting on Twitter right now, feast your eyes upon it now.

Because your a fucking idiot Noah.

Two aborted reviews, what does that mean he just didn't bother to finish them? And I doubt he's even going to get Rebruary done right nevermind an actual video.

Excuses, excuses.

What kind of toaster is he using? I have a piece of shit laptop and I can do most thing including video editing. 

Boo fucking hoo, cry me a river.
Whatever, looking at Spoony right now makes me want to punch him in the face. Mostly because I work multiple times harder at my actual job and translating stuff on the internet and Spoony still makes a shitload of money with zero effort. Being me is suffering.


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  2. dude is such a horrible liar lol, half his tweets are just begs in disguise too its sickening.

  3. I still remember he banned me from a stream last July when he was getting footage from XIII-2 for asking if we could expect another review before the end of the year. What a fucking joke this guy is. If had ANY integrity he'd shut down his Patreon, apologize for the lack of content and only resume once he's actually doing shit to warrant getting money every month.

  4. His entire career has been him abandoning his work and goofing off for months then coming back and presenting mediocre videos.

  5. 844 hours logged in Steam since his last video.

  6. Hello there SpoonyOneSucks Admin,

    I would like you to use this lovely picture of Spoony being chocked like the little slut he is, please use if for your website as a banner if possible,


    Actually I want someone to post this on his twitter account as well,

    Seeing this shit-stain of a human being suffer is my only reward,

    A Fan of SpoonyOneSucks Blog

    1. Actually, a better series of pictures should be Spoony getting beaten the fuck up by a lot of the WWE tag-teams (the Hardyz, the Dudleyz, Edge and Christian, Too Cool, the APA, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, etc.) throughout the 2000's for his stupid "Tag-teams in wrestling have been dead for ten years" comment back in his 2009 Slammys vlog.