Saturday, 16 April 2016

Spoony One is seeing a psychologist and other updates

I think Spoony is faking everything. I still think he's probably legit depressed (not helped by booze) and maybe has some kind of bipolar. It looks more and more like he's desperately searching for something that will allow him to cease working altogether. Maybe he's searching for a reason for disability payments?

I noticed on twitter that he was talking a big game before his meeting with his "doctor," but after his appointment he has shifted his attention to wrestling. He's always ready to bitch about his health to get sympathy at every possible moment, but he's not saying anything now. Maybe this person said something to him that couldn't remember? Maybe this appointment never happened.

Literally me.

Spoony is a narcissist, and some consider it a sub-type of psychopathy. I think his problem comes from being a nearly friendless, if not totally friendless, weirdo during school, and he created this superior persona as a defense mechanism so he could feel empowered regardless of his situation. Now it's made him completely unable to cope with the problems in his life and you can see it just falling apart. You may hesitate to criticize him if you're empathetic and sympathetic. However, EVERYONE has one or more issues and EVERYONE has negative experiences in the past. He's not special, and it's never an excuse to live a lifestyle of abuse. Narcissists are social predators, as you can see, and they need to be exposed so the cycle of abuse can end.

Now it's chronic fatigue syndrome? Stop drinking, be honest, decide what you want out of life and who you want to be, and then get off the fucking couch. Apparently his chronic fatigue can be instantly cured when he's single, watching wrestling, arguing about Trump, or arguing about Star Wars trailers. It's just so shocking and rare that he has energy to do the things he likes, but suddenly feels tired when he has to work. He likes doing the things he likes, but dislikes the things he dislikes? That's chronic fatigue syndrome there I tells ya.

So let's recap:
Sleep disorder? REKT
Depression? UNKNOWN
Bipolar? UNKNOWN
Alcoholism? CONFIRMED
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: UNCONFIRMED
Twitter addiction: OBVIOUSLY

What other illnesses does Spoony say he have? My god, this man suffers so much. NOT!

Aaaaaaaaaaaand there's more
Oh, that hippie psychologist prescribed you sleeping pills? The one you said believes in holistic techniques? What "pills?"
Oh, you said the pills knocked you out but you're still fatigued? I'm going to assume the drinks heavily is a joke and that you're not drinking and taking sleeping pills. My focus is that you were up at about 2 a.m., and still haven't taken your "sleeping pills" yet. . .because they really knocked you out and you wouldn't be able to tweet. You tweeted this when you were supposedly taking these pills yesterday, and it seems inconsistent.
Oh, your doctors are really focusing on sleep disorders? Didn't you do two studies, and both of them came back negative for sleep disorders? They said you didn't have any serious sleep disorders.
Remember this, dumbass? What doctors are focusing on your sleep disorders, because the specialists said there was nothing wrong?
Narcissists lie without remorse.


  1. all of this stuff, brad losing it, spoony going down and angryjoe selling the last bit of his soul is all just that. Them coming to terms that selling their soul gave them income and internet popularity but made them lose everything else, they know they wont ever feel fulfilled and its eating at them inside.
    Unless these fools find Yahushuah theyre lost forever and things will only get worse.

    1. Trump made them crazy. Spoony was getting batshit paranoid before I got blocked, haha. BETRAYAL!!!

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  3. This is hateful... I mean really hateful and I really, REALLY despise the one who wrote it. Again, in a world with freedom of speech and you write this shit about a person with a mental disorder. Wow. That is low. It is irrelevant what you or I think of Spoony(for the record I think he is funny, sometimes very funny and sometimes a complete ass), what matters is HOW you express your opinions and about what. I am actually speechless when I read this blog...