Monday, 25 July 2016

Spoony get's triggered by Trump and the word "cuck"! April tranny?


Spoony's trying to get in front of it. April is fucking someone else and he knows its a matter of time before it gets out. I bet it's Tyrone. Better prep that bull Noah.

Someone probably said that trump isn't literally Hitler reincarnated and it triggered him. Also lol "work," when does Spoony ever work? "I need to go be productive instead of arguing with dumb people" etc, lol. Get a load of this faggot. And I love how that "I'm out" tweet is already so deeply buried beneath new bullshit that I can't even be assed to scroll down his feed far enough to find it. I wanted to know how long Spoony could actually stand being away from Twitter...

He literally does not care anymore. He's getting about $1800 a month in welfare plus what little ad revenue he pulls down plus April's job. Boss isn't lazy or apathetic, it's much deeper than that. There's no drive to give any sort of fuck about anything. Even if he lost his Patreon welfare I'm sure Boss would still rationalize it somehow and keep posting about wrestling and Trump until he's on the street or living on Doge's couch or with his brother again.

His excuses for lack of content have gotten thinner and thinner. The last bit of effort he gave for anything was his #depressed picture and even then that probably took way too much. I know it sounds horrible but I almost wanna start a deadpool for when he finally tries to end it because it's gonna come sooner than later unless he gets stuck in an actual straight jacket in a padded room

I had to check the date on the second one. He said that already and we already concluded that he basically has the code with his Patreon scamming.

Actually the most repulsive thing he's done is steal thousands of dollars from gullible fans or people who flat out don't notice a dollar or two gone from their checking amount each month.


Man talk about fitting that danger hair stereotype. "I don't have much interesting about myself so here's a new hair color".

What's wrong with your facccccce?
And gack Jesus christ, if you didn't think April was a tranny then you do now. The only thing worse than those stupid dolls she sells is her man face.

Most of this post is copied from DHI because I honestly could not be bothered writing about Spoony, I've got better things to do.


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  2. How are you all enjoying Noah's new videos and his new Counter Monkey set?

  3. I cant sleep after that picture thanks..

  4. lol it's interesting how people who perfectly fit the definition of "cuck" are the ones who are usually most offended by its existence.

    I used to avoid the word "cuck" before because it felt kinda childish to me. But all these cucks complaining about it makes me wanna use it more.

    Spoony = textbook cuck.

  5. Has anyoone ever tried to find out why Spoony and Joe dont do stuff together anymore?

    They did some mortal kombat and star trek stuff and probably more I cant recall. Oh yeah they went to e3 together with jewwario right? They also mentioned each other regularly but all that stopped when? Was it when spoony got kicked from thefagwiththeglasses?

    1. Many producer have or are distancing themselves fron Noah for obvious reasons.

    2. What obvious reasons? Everybody at thefartwiththeyelling has at scammed their fans at least one time so it cant be his lies.

  6. Daniel Tilson dead from autoerotic asphyxiation? He hasnt been seen in months. Killed and replaced by JacksonJinson? You must uncover this scandal Dirk.

    1. The guys on DHI mentioned that, but I honestly can't be bothered checking it out.

  7. April Von Lon isn't even a real name, every tranny has a stupid made up name like this before they even start their transition. "Von Lon", the fuck kind name is that? They always sound like porn star names.

  8. The moment I knew that Spoony is a cuck is when I heard him apologize for his hilarious "gay gay sissy gay" song he did at the beginning of his FF8 review series. He apologized for it during one of the last Ultima reviews, and said that he "deserves all the hatred he gets for that one".

    What a fucking cuck.

    Ex-GAYS and ex-Trans exist and prove that the "born this way" movement is a Eugenics movement backed by the media and those who run it.

    Which also explains how a previously, clearly straight Spoony could now become a fucking flaming pathological liar and thief who fucks men that cross dress.

    It's all a choice driven by sexual addiction.

    Wouldn't be surprised if he fucked his dog before he met the latex hooker

  9. Seeing the replies he gets from his "fans" makes me glad to not be one of them because he blocked me for responding to his lunatic Trump comments. I bet $100 that he doesn't even vote, haha. Thanks, Trump!

    1. And he'd be better off choosing to never vote. Choosing not to vote is the most patriotic thing any American can do. George, take it away.
      The only way I'd show up near a voting booth is to bring in a jar full of my own semen and show how I've done more for the country by staying home on Election Day and beating off instead of choosing between asshole party 1 and asshole party 2.