Sunday, 17 July 2016

Spoony needs a lawyer! April's losing her job!

So apparently Spoony was denied coverage for his meds, or a Doctor refused to renew a prescription. Maybe this happened since there's nothing legitimately wrong with him, sucks to be him. Though that's assuming that he's even been denied coverage in the first place, as I'm sure this is all just another excuse for why he can't make anything this month.

 "Guys guys guize my bipolar/night tremors/depression/vague heart condition(remember that one?) is flaring up without my meds! No review this month or the next! Thanks for donating though, promise to have that review of Suicide Squad up in 2 months!" 

I wonder if his "girlfriend" found that blonde elf guy or whatever she was looking for. I bet he'd be the best lay she's had in months. A little birdy over on DHI had this to say

It's on a pre-certification list. Aka it's medicine insurance only covers under some cases in which you can prove you need the medication. He probably didn't bother to check if the insurance covered it, assumed it did, then when he found out something was wrong filled out the forms hastily and now they're going through it.

That's the Spoony news for today, now we're going to look at what April's been up to.

Lovely, she's losing her job and has to face trolls. Where is the patriarchy when you need it? Also a bead shop? A fucking bead shop! I mean there's working at Mc Donalds and then there's this, I wouldn't call a hobby a job unless you call dick sucking a job. Oh wait, some do. Anyway where exactly is she reading about these trolls? I guess she's googling herself or Spoony and finding posts on this blog or over on DHI. Hmm...or maybe it was 4chan all along. Anyway who gives a shit.


  1. Another delay tactic.

  2. "Good thing we saved all that money by not going to conventions and we didn't waste any on useless shit like costumes and games and probs for videos we'll never make...oh wait : o"


    Seriously theyve got thousands of dollars worth of JUNK in their home, or you know, just start working again spoony.
    He could drop about 10 reviews from big movies to burn down and shitty games released in the past few years and get more views than he's ever had. Its just soooo strange to me... I hate some movies and games and there are NO more reviewers burning em down, 90% are shills. Thats why I watched spoony, I knew if I hated something he most likely (not always) would hurt that game / movie back (like his site motto says) and I had at least some entertainment regarding that movie or game.

    There are loads he skipped for no reason... Either he isnt allowed to do em or even weirder shit is going on. Imagine him ranting on the shit that is the hunger games or the dumbed down crap that is witcher 3 / gta 5 / fallout 4 /

    1. I just hope spoony finds Yahushuah and leaves the reviewing business in peace before killing himself, even douchebags deserve some pity.

    2. Hey now Witcher 3 was legit.

  4. The retard should also realize that he's been feeling shit for yeaaaaaaars now,all the while taking meds. If he is as intelligent as he claims to be he should have stopped trusting doctors (pillpushers) by now and tried to get happy without all that chemical poison.
    The pills are probably what make him feel shitty in the first place. Him and April should just sell all their dolls and stupid cosplays shit and go to a beach resort somewhere without internet and no drugs (i mean meds) so he can get all the poison out of his system.

  5. He's probably had his prescriptions suspended and is being investigated for obtaining controlled substances by fraud.

    Mr. Noah (Hebrew for "Comfort") is a goblin. He's king of the goblins, except physically the exact opposite of David Bowie.
    I actually hope he is on drugs because
    1.That would make him kinda cool
    2.It goes with his whole burnout-nerd schtick
    3.It would explain his bullshit behavior
    I remember a video of his where he made a joke about someone cutting his heroin with something, and I actually said out loud "God I hope that's true"
    So yeah, I'll admit I watched his videos back in the day because I was a fucking loser in high school or something so I guess I'm partial to blame for all the profits he's made because I gave him a couple views. Fuck me, right?
    As for his apparent health problems, his fucking circadian sleep cycle is off because of his inactive lifestyle. If you sit on your flabby, celluloid ass and stare at a screen for literal days on end do you really think that's good for the mind, body and soul? How does he even explain what he does for a living to whatever medicine man that refuses to accept Aetna or any other shitty Obamacare insurance he has.
    And he has a retirement fund. Retirement from fucking what? What does he think he does? Making 20 minute videos and putting them online is a hobby, end of fucking story. It doesn't make him a filmmaker. Any asshole can do it after work. The amount of time and money he puts into his hobby is entirely up to him, and if he doesn't enjoy doing his fucking hobby anymore, that's on him too. His self-pity gets no sympathy from me. And it shouldn't for anyone, honestly. He chose to make this his livelihood and not a passion.
    But then again, he's had a better success in life than I have so who the fuck am I to judge? I'm fucking insane.

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  8. I really hope Spoony gets his meds, without them its less likely that he'll die of an overdose or adverse reaction with alcohol.