Saturday, 23 January 2016

Spoony One Promises Rap Rat and other video's

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, apparently this video has been over a year in the making according to Spoony. I mean it's been so freaking long since his last did those vhs video's, who the hell is still interested? You should get off this sinking ship while you still can, unless you are too retarded to do so because YEAR OF THE SPOONY. More like YEAR OF THE RETARD, considering everything that's going on in the world. Migrants and all that jazz, they could be coming for you next. Beware, the END times are nigh! Fear spreads fear, the Devil's core (Can you hear me?) Take my hand and follow me (Can you hear me?) It's magical - so here we go!

I highly doubt he'll do anything in February but fart all day long and post on Twitter.

This was taken last September, so I'm guessing he's been sitting on his ass as usual. And I'm guessing this is Ultima related? Or he's playing Robin Cuck in the new porno? I dunno, what do you think?

There was a 4chan thread about TGWTG if anyone's interested.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Spoony One is now doing food reviews

Looks like Spoony has the bright idea to start doing food video's, he probably got the idea from the Cinema Snob or YouTube in general. Initially posted on his patreon someone posted this on DHI, naturally everyone is shaking their heads at why the hell people would watch Spoony eat food. I mean who the heck wants to watch that? Put your hand down Patreon supports.

Anyway this situation with Spoony and his Patreon has gone on for fucking long enough and now he's trying to pull this kind of shit, I mean enough's enough.

It can't be that expensive if Spoony gets free money for sitting on his ass. 
This is in reference to a new video he's doing, probably something Ultima related not that I give a shit anymore. And I hope someone shoves whatever he buys up his fucking asshole because hell knows that he deserves it.

Saw this in a 4chan thread and just had to post it. May it haunt your dreams for eternity. 

Friday, 1 January 2016

April complains about money on facebook

Spotted by a member on the Deadhorseinterchangeable, April has been complaining about money problems on Facebook under a post about Pewdiepie. Here's the entire thing below:

And if you actually read all of that then you deserve a pat on the back, go on you know you deserve it. In other news Spoony has been fucking lazy as usual, but luckily his Patreon has dropped down to 2500 a month so that's a kick right in the balls. However all of this hasn't stopped Spoony from posting on Twitter like a madman, seriously the dude needs to turn his life around.