Saturday, 16 April 2016

Spoony One is seeing a psychologist and other updates

I think Spoony is faking everything. I still think he's probably legit depressed (not helped by booze) and maybe has some kind of bipolar. It looks more and more like he's desperately searching for something that will allow him to cease working altogether. Maybe he's searching for a reason for disability payments?

I noticed on twitter that he was talking a big game before his meeting with his "doctor," but after his appointment he has shifted his attention to wrestling. He's always ready to bitch about his health to get sympathy at every possible moment, but he's not saying anything now. Maybe this person said something to him that couldn't remember? Maybe this appointment never happened.

Literally me.

Friday, 8 April 2016

WrestleWrestle – Wrestlemania XXXII & NXT Takeover Dallas & Twitter Updates

Looks like the autistic fuck actually made a video, didn't expect this with all the autism going on over on his Twitter account. Speaking of speaking of twitter, here's some random shit he said recently:

Someone should put him to sleep permanently. 

Then the world would be retarded, just like Spoony. 

The ramblings of a mad man people.

Have we memed him too hard? Will he become Jew Wario 2.0?
With that aside let's get back to the video. It's a fucking wrestle wrestle video! Jesus H Christ on a pogo stick would make better content than this, I mean it's been MONTHS since his last video and he expects everyone to just shut the fuck up because muh autism and ptsd. I listened to half an hour of this crap while I was shitposting on 4chan and it just made me want to jump off a cliff. Who the hell cares at this point?