Monday, 25 July 2016

Spoony get's triggered by Trump and the word "cuck"! April tranny?


Spoony's trying to get in front of it. April is fucking someone else and he knows its a matter of time before it gets out. I bet it's Tyrone. Better prep that bull Noah.

Someone probably said that trump isn't literally Hitler reincarnated and it triggered him. Also lol "work," when does Spoony ever work? "I need to go be productive instead of arguing with dumb people" etc, lol. Get a load of this faggot. And I love how that "I'm out" tweet is already so deeply buried beneath new bullshit that I can't even be assed to scroll down his feed far enough to find it. I wanted to know how long Spoony could actually stand being away from Twitter...

He literally does not care anymore. He's getting about $1800 a month in welfare plus what little ad revenue he pulls down plus April's job. Boss isn't lazy or apathetic, it's much deeper than that. There's no drive to give any sort of fuck about anything. Even if he lost his Patreon welfare I'm sure Boss would still rationalize it somehow and keep posting about wrestling and Trump until he's on the street or living on Doge's couch or with his brother again.

His excuses for lack of content have gotten thinner and thinner. The last bit of effort he gave for anything was his #depressed picture and even then that probably took way too much. I know it sounds horrible but I almost wanna start a deadpool for when he finally tries to end it because it's gonna come sooner than later unless he gets stuck in an actual straight jacket in a padded room

I had to check the date on the second one. He said that already and we already concluded that he basically has the code with his Patreon scamming.

Actually the most repulsive thing he's done is steal thousands of dollars from gullible fans or people who flat out don't notice a dollar or two gone from their checking amount each month.


Man talk about fitting that danger hair stereotype. "I don't have much interesting about myself so here's a new hair color".

What's wrong with your facccccce?
And gack Jesus christ, if you didn't think April was a tranny then you do now. The only thing worse than those stupid dolls she sells is her man face.

Most of this post is copied from DHI because I honestly could not be bothered writing about Spoony, I've got better things to do.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Spoony needs a lawyer! April's losing her job!

So apparently Spoony was denied coverage for his meds, or a Doctor refused to renew a prescription. Maybe this happened since there's nothing legitimately wrong with him, sucks to be him. Though that's assuming that he's even been denied coverage in the first place, as I'm sure this is all just another excuse for why he can't make anything this month.

 "Guys guys guize my bipolar/night tremors/depression/vague heart condition(remember that one?) is flaring up without my meds! No review this month or the next! Thanks for donating though, promise to have that review of Suicide Squad up in 2 months!" 

I wonder if his "girlfriend" found that blonde elf guy or whatever she was looking for. I bet he'd be the best lay she's had in months. A little birdy over on DHI had this to say

It's on a pre-certification list. Aka it's medicine insurance only covers under some cases in which you can prove you need the medication. He probably didn't bother to check if the insurance covered it, assumed it did, then when he found out something was wrong filled out the forms hastily and now they're going through it.

That's the Spoony news for today, now we're going to look at what April's been up to.

Lovely, she's losing her job and has to face trolls. Where is the patriarchy when you need it? Also a bead shop? A fucking bead shop! I mean there's working at Mc Donalds and then there's this, I wouldn't call a hobby a job unless you call dick sucking a job. Oh wait, some do. Anyway where exactly is she reading about these trolls? I guess she's googling herself or Spoony and finding posts on this blog or over on DHI. Hmm...or maybe it was 4chan all along. Anyway who gives a shit.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Spoony bakes! April cosplay as a elf and other updates

Apparently Noah cooked and made Cornbread, I've been waiting a time to reference this:
You gonna eat your cornbread?
Haha, it's been a while since I've seen LIFE and I think I'll watch it again. Great movie, give it a watch. Spoony has mainly been posting a big load of shit on Twitter from the recent shootings in the USA (boo fucking hoo) among many other liberal crap like hating on Donald Trump, his favorite pastime. In other news it seems April has been a busy bee working on her cosplay for Anime Midwest, she dressed as an Inquisitor. Pretty decent.

She's also been talking about her "family" in Skyrim because she can't have one with that real life goblin she lives with called Spoony. I mean could you even picture someone having children with a creature like him?

Weird shit.

Dear lord, she met the nasty cock slut himself. Prep the bull.
Spoony buying her a game, shame he couldn't actually do anything productive. Even through all of this where the hell has Spoony been? Certainly not earning all those patreon bucks. And why didn't Spoony attend Anime Midwest? I guess he'll burn under the sun nowadays if he leaves his house.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Spoony is #despresed and April vents on Facebook

So this happened. Notice anything? Anything at all? Like how this entire photo is fucking staged out of the asshole, I mean who the hell puts all of this together and takes a photo? Can you imagine a real depressed person trying to set up all this shit, complete with anguished expression, staged table toys and prop shirt? Staged is exactly what it is. It's just another pathetic attempt to garner sympathy, I wonder how much longer this will last. Someone should just end this faggot once and for all.

This is from early June, one of the guys on DHI posted it. The bunch of stalkers. Anyway April goes on to say that Noah doesn't hit her nor is he even capable of it. Claiming that he doesn't drink or get drunk, or have a pill problem, that they don't cheat on each other or even leave the house (proven false by the fairy festival) and that he didn't use his Patreon money to fund his house. It's pretty funny stuff, read this in the most whiny voice possible and you'll understand her true pain. What do you people think about all this shit?