Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Spoony One is alive

Looks like the faglord himself is actually alive, or maybe it's a sock puppet of his dead body being operated by April. Who knows? Anyway here's what he posted on Twitter:

So basically it's a big pile of shit, I doubt there was any real problem with him at all. I bet it's a ruse cruise so he can get more patreon money. And even though he was absent from Twitter and making anything he got right back to shitposting about Donald Trump, comic book shit and wrestling. Simply amazing.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Is Spoony dead?

I waited a while before posting this since Noah really could have taken a break off Twitter, but it's starting to seem that he may be dead or there's something wrong with him. Mental issues aside. It's been weeks since Spoony has posted on Twitter, this promoted a huge response from internet assholes who have nothing better to do than to ask "where is Spoony?" as if they really want to read him rant about Trump. Apparently he is playing some skyrim mod and he's too busy to post anything. Alos since Spoony wasn't online the next best thing was to stalk April (looking at you DHI) and pry into every little thing she posted from her creepy ass dolls, to getting a job, transportation, and heck even recently her age. That's funny considering most of those internet tough guys are probably in their 30's living in a basement, unlike me, a Greek god.  

Moving on. Though this all could mean that they are having finical problems seeing as that Patreon money isn't enough to pay for all of their bills, oh boo hoo. This is why April is looking for a job and Spoony probably is too.

But in the end of the day who gives a fuck anymore, I mean they are called internet nobodies for a reason. I don't know why people rant about them every single bloody day, the best reason I can come up with is that they have no life of their own so they'll pick apart another's to make them feel better. I mean I rant about shit too but I don't take any of it seriously, nor do I honestly hate anyone in life other than a few people that I personally know. Shits that simple, just walk away nigga.