Saturday, 29 October 2016

Noah Antwiler: Depression Quest

It's been more or less confirmed by April that Spoony is suffering from depression, which has led to him quitting videos and Twitter. He basically spends his days playing video games and browsing the internet. He rues the fact that he never rose to become a TV star, but he probably still thinks in the back of his mind he'll make it some day - but he'll start tomorrow. Or next week - already had most of the week off, might as well wait till Monday right? And then it happens again and again. And that is the cycle of Spoony nowadays.

Unfortunately he's collecting $1300 a month just to exist from his incredibly autistic and socially retarded Patreons, which just makes him even more pathetic. I'd pity him if he wasn't such a cunt to anyone who tried to help him in the past. Now I just think the best thing is to simply forget him. You know, just move on with our lives and focus on something else. Well, maybe.  

Though it's kinda hard to move on when you have ebin meltdowns like this on twitter, so I guess there's something to look forward to. 

Also I'm genuinely curious what sort of job Spoony could even get these days if, hypothetically, he decided to quit the whole internet reviewer thing. It's a problem that isn't entirely unique to Spoony; z-list internet celebrity 'content creators' generally have an excessively grandiose view of themselves and their work that wont really translate into a different career when the Patreon scam/ad revenue bubble bursts. For Spoony it's even worse though. His very public health issues and mental meltdown, egomania, inability to take even constructive criticism, (public!) bdsm/rape jokes about a coworker that can charitably be called ill-conceived, and generally poor work ethic all conspire to make him a very poor prospect for even minimum wage jobs. I wouldn't trust him to show up consistently for work at McDonalds. If he had a better work ethic, maybe writing rpg content could be an option perhaps.

So your probably asking yourself what does Spoony do all the time if he hasn't posted on Twitter for a month, I'll tell you: Jack shit! No honestly I think he's just sitting there on his ass taking a paycheck like a whore eats dollar bills. I wouldn't be surprised if he just didn't even announce his retirement, and just decided to slowly fall into obscurity by just not even doing anything anymore. It's probably more cut and dry. Yes he's racked with shame and it's taken away his drive to do anything. I think he should stop taking his meds. Though that might make him worse. I'm pretty sure he's taking erectile dysfunction meds,  he does look like the type that suffers from it.  

We all know it's April playing Skyrim and not Spoony. 

I mean what the fuck happened to him? Remember the good old days before he became a complete asshole? Yeah, I do. 

For all we know he's retired off screen because he can't handle it anymore. Maybe one day he'll be walking Oreo and a will bump into a fan, the fan will ask if he's doing any more videos and Spoony just comes out and tells him "Oh, I'm not doing that anymore, I got an actual job now". That job being a moocher. Heck, maybe he does feel remorse, but the shame is SO big that he can't even make himself ask for forgiveness?

Also, I do recall Spoony mentioning that he wanted to use the whole reviewer thing as a stepping stone for "bigger, better things"

But there's always a reason, he may be telling us something with the last video he put up. I think he's getting cucked and it's ruined him. How can you air that out, impossible for someone like him. So he's bottled it up and it killed off any urge to do the only thing he can do, make videos.  It's not only a means to make money, it's literally his hobby. What would drive someone to throw 1k away when all you have to do is make a video about stuff you like every so often?  Apathy from an emotionally distraught state of mind. Which might be at the root of his problem. Really makes you think.

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